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A Tampa Jones Act lawyer from the Testa Law Group is essential for you, or a loved one hurt in an offshore accident. At the Testa Law Group, a Jones Act lawyer will make your case a top priority. To help you economically and physically after your injury in a Tampa port or near a Tampa port or offshore you must obtain and hire a tactical personal injury lawyer that deals in offshore accidents. An aggressive Tampa Jones Act lawyer with the Testa Law Group is necessary if you wish to guard your livelihood and also protect you and your family from insurance adjusters out to trick you into accepting the lowest amount of money for your injury. Don’t be fooled by insurance adjusters tactics, rather become a priority client at the Testa Law Group and see a positive change in your life. We take great pride in going head-to-head for our clients. We are dedicated to getting them the most amount of money conceivable for their injuries, hurts, and harms by making the at-fault party pay.

Appreciating the Impact of The Jones Act

The Jones Act a significant piece of American legislation that was passed in 1920. The Jones Act provides certain offshore workers the right to make a claim or file a lawsuit directly against the employer and it supported the American Merchant Marine and also granted additional protections for sailors and a ship’s crew members. Thus, a Jones Act worker can sue their employer directly and collect money for their injuries and pain and suffering, contra a worker not covered under the act (for instance a land-based worker) is only able to collect money from work-related injuries through worker’s compensation. The Jones Act benefits that it affords are incredibly elaborate, and mariners who are qualified for claims under this Act must ask a lawyer who is familiar with the Jones Act important questions to comprehend their benefits under the Jones Act. Talk with a dedicated Tampa Jones Act lawyer today with the Testa Law Group to find out the benefits you are entitled to under the Act.

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Whether your accident was because of a roof collapse, arc flash, or the negligence of another, you will have a devoted Tampa Jones Act lawyer in choosing the Testa Law Group. A Jones Act lawyer with the Testa Law Group will defend you from economic harm and make sure you walk away with money in your pocket so that you and your family can stop living a nightmare and stop feeling worried, anxiety, and sadness. When you call our injury law firm, you will talk with a well-informed and thoughtful staff member who will schedule a free consultation with a dedicated and accomplished Jones Act lawyer. Your free consultation will not come with any strings attached and will happen promptly with a passionate Jones Act lawyer that wants to support you and your family get justice and get money. We handle all of our personal injury cases on a contingency-fee basis. What this means is that, you never pay any out-of-pocket expenses and you do not pay any money upfront. We only get paid after we win. Make sure that you speak with an experienced Jones Act lawyer before you sign any papers, accept any payment from any sources, or make any comments.

A Testa Law Group Jones Act lawyer wants to make sure you have the knowledge and information needed to be successful. We hold and stand strong in our opinion that an informed client will make a successful client. Thus, we take great pride in providing our clients with as much information as possible by answering any and all question to soothe any anxieties. The more educated you are in deciding to choose one of the best Jones Act lawyers than the most successful and confident you will be in your case preparation.


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A Tampa Jones Act lawyer at the Testa Law Group will be pleased to speak with you or a loved one about your case and about your injuries, treatment, and recovery. A knowledgeable maritime and offshore injury lawyer at the Testa Law Group can also help you get the maintenance and cure that you are entitled to receive. Maintenance and cure helps a seaman with food and lodging when he becomes sick or injured while working in service of the ship. Maintenance includes the seaman’s living expenses and cure relates to the payment of medical or therapeutic treatment. A seaman’s right to these payments continues until he reaches “maximum medical recovery.” This simply means that it appears that further medical treatment will not make you any better. Regrettably, many employers fail to comply with this obligation or pay an amount of maintenance that is insufficient under the law. A Tampa Jones Act lawyer at the Testa Law Group can help you hold your employer accountable and make sure that the maintenance and cure you receive is fair under the law. Remember the consultation is completely free with no obligations and you pay no out of pocket expenses when you become a client. If you or someone you love suffered an injury because of the carelessness or negligence of another, then our legal team in Tampa is on stand by to help!

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