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Many people believe buses do not regularly get into accidents; however, it happens more often than one might think. Texas, Louisiana, and Florida all have large bus line providers working to transport people to and from work locations and leisure activities. In fact, millions of people take public transportation every day. While it is one of the safer methods of travel, buses just like trucks, cars, and motorcycles get into accidents that also lead to personal injuries.

Who is Accountable for Your Injury?

If you are tangled up in a bus accident and you are hurt, the bus company is usually held responsible for your injuries as bus carriers are considered a “typical carrier” and, as a result, special laws are imposed to ensure safety. Bus drivers and companies are held to the “utmost care” standard in operating buses. What this translates to is a very low threshold for proving the bus line is accountable for your injuries. Buses, planes, trolleys, trains, and cruise ships are all viewed as typical carriers. Because of this, it is much simpler to prove that the bus is liable, but it is a good idea to hire a knowledgeable and dedicated bus accident lawyer to ensure you get the maximum amount of compensation you and your family are entitled.

What Injuries are Caused by Bus Accidents?

Because most buses do not have seatbelts, a minor bus collision can be devastating. The most typical types of damages are concussions or whiplashes. Back, shoulder and neck sprains are also typical. If the accident is severe, a passenger is susceptible to flying out of their seats and hitting their heads on the top or side of the bus, creating dangerous contusions or broken bones. These wounds are life altering and life threatening; thus, speaking with a bus accident lawyer is crucial.

Typical Causes of Bus Collisions in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida

There are numerous reasons why a bus may get into a collision. In some cases, the bus driver is not paying attention. In other cases, other vehicles will cut in front of a bus, causing the bus driver to veer off and crash into another vehicle. These sorts of collisions are typical during the morning and evening times as more traffic is on the road due to commute to and from work and school. In other cases, bus collisions may be due to a defective part in the bus or a lack of maintenance and repair.

Hiring the Right Accident Attorney

Before taking on a bus company, you should hire a knowledgeable bus accident lawyer that is dedicated and determined in holding the company responsible. Throughout the trial, even if the bus company is unquestionably at fault, the accountable party will spend an enormous amount of money on attorneys, specialist, and experts, to attempt a lower amount of damages. Sometimes, accident victims are urged to accept a payment that hardly covers their medical expenses because they chose the wrong lawyer for the case. The Testa Law Group does not want this to happen to you; thus, it is imperative that you hire a dedicated and determined attorney to go after the wrongdoers to hold them accountable for you and your family’s loss.

Legal Responsibility and Wrongful Death

As a passenger, pedestrian, or motorist you believe the drivers of buses are attentive at all times. Nevertheless, sometimes that is not always the case. If a bus driver fails to remain vigilant or fails to remain qualified to drive, the consequences could be dire. It is the responsibility and duty of the bus company to assure that their drivers are competent, trained, meet proper safety testing and protocols, and agree that one must not needlessly endanger the community. Because it is the duty of the bus company to keep passengers, other drivers, and pedestrians safe, the company is liable if it fails to do so and must be held accountable for the wrongful death of another.

Statute of Limitations in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida

In many states, victims of accidents have only a certain amount of time to file suit against a person or business for their injuries. This legislative time frame is named the ‘statute of limitations,’ and if you file outside of this time-frame, your case may never make it to court. Thus, it is critical to inquire about legal help shortly after an accident. If you were tangled up in a bus accident, then you should consult a bus accident lawyer, as you still may have time to file a suit.

Compensation for Your Injuries

There are two types of courts and suits: criminal courts and suits and civil courts and suits. When a bus company is found guilty of a criminal charge, they will face a judge in a criminal court. Usually, a criminal charge against a bus company involves criminal negligence or reckless endangerment. A criminal court will decide if their actions or inactions warrant imprisonment, a fine, community service, or all of the aforementioned. Even if a bus company is found not guilty, victims are still able to seek damages in a civil court. If a civil case against a bus company is brought during the bus company’s criminal trial, the bus company will likely offer an upfront payment. If you and your family decide to accept the payment, you will have to drop your charges against the bus company. If you do not accept the payment, you can proceed with your charges against the bus company. The final decision is for you and your family to make, and you attorney will be by your side to advise you and help you through such a hard and stressful time.

The bus accident lawyers at the Testa Law Group are dedicated and determined in holding reckless parties legally responsible for their wrongs. The Testa Law Group works diligently with victims in bus accidents to obtain justice. Get in touch with us at 877-780-9052 to receive a free consultation with an experienced bus accident lawyer and to get more information on how we can help.

School Bus Accidents

Accidents concerning school buses can be especially painful for all those involved, particularly if children were hurt or killed. If you are a parent or guardian whose child was injured, suffered, or died in a school bus accident, then you are entitled to justice. The Testa Law Group will investigate the accident and determine the at-fault parties, where it was the driver of the bus, the mechanics, the school system, or the manufacturers of the bus, let us handle things so you and your family can begin the healing process.

If you or a loved one were involved and hurt in a bus accident, don’t hesitate to contact one of the Texas, Louisiana, and Florida personal injury lawyers at the Testa Law Group. The Testa Law Group is ready to review your case and get you and your family through the healing process. The Testa Law Group will work with specialists that will help you and your family cope with the loss or injury suffered as a result of another’s negligence or carelessness. Feel free to reach out to us at 877-780-9052 for a free consultation with a school bus accident lawyer to receive information on how we can help you and your family.

How Can Our Accident Lawyers Help You?

The bus accident lawyers at the Testa Law Group are dedicated and determined in making sure that you and your family receive maximum compensation for your injuries and losses. We are dedicated to your case but also determined in making sure that you and your family receive the necessary help to heal or reduce your emotional trauma related to the accident. The Testa Law Group will fight tooth and nail to make sure that you are awarded a fair and just amount so that you can focus on healing and recuperating.

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