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By paying for an insurance policy, you are taking the necessary steps to ensure coverage for financial expenses resulting from a disaster or accident. Insurance companies pull you in by promising to protect you and promising to provide you with the monetary support to make necessary repairs and recover from disaster. That underlying hope is the mold of the insurance business. Nevertheless, that mold of hope and promise is more often than not shattered by insurers even though they are legally required to adhere to their contractual obligations set forth by their policies and the law. This is where you should talk with a Insurance Disputes Lawyer at Testa Law Group.

The cold hard truth of the matter is that while people put their faith in insurance companies by paying their premiums, insurance companies routinely deny their claims after disaster strikes. Because insurance companies are in the business of making money adjusters are trained to deny claims, pay the smallest amounts possible, delay payment, trick you with legal jargon, and deceive you as to what is covered by your policy.

Nevertheless, you do not have to sit back and accept adjuster excuses, time delay tactics, and mistruths. Under the laws of Texas and Louisiana, there are several causes of action that seek to aid you for when insurance companies break their promises and act badly.

We will help you with your insurance dispute by making it clear that you will not accept anything less than what you are owed. Let us assist you by examining your policy, assessing your damages, calculating your losses, and working to maximize your right to compensation.

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