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Commercial Tornado Damage

Don’t let the insurance companies blow you off and deny your tornado claim. The unspoken truth is that numerous insurance companies deny legitimate claims for tornado losses. Clearly, tornado losses are destructive and will leave a pile of wreckage strewn in the winds of their wake. Therefore, it is not uncommon for a homeowner to lose everything following the destruction caused by a tornado.

Claims for Tornado Damage May Result in Insurance Companies Failing to Pay and Play Fairly for Commercial Losses

It’s certainly no secret that a tornado is a creature of mother nature and their winds are as scary as they are powerful. Despite the clearly destructive nature of tornados insurance companies still frequently delay, deny, and underpay commercial claims for tornado damage. Damages left by a tornado are often severe and leave numerous businesses and individuals affected. Furthermore, commercial property owners must promptly begin the clean-up and repair process to re-open their doors and return to business. But, unbeknownst to commercial property owners, insurance carriers are often taking steps to reduce and belittle a business’s claim rather than pay commercial property owners the full value of their claim.

Tornado damage knows no limits, and because of the sheer number of those affected by their devastation, it can sometimes take insurance companies time to resolve claims. Furthermore, in some case insurance companies take deliberate steps to delay a claim and will fervently attempt to make a homeowner’s claim more complicated. In some cases, an insurer will completely deny a commercial owner’s claim. In cases where an insurer denies or delays payment to a business owner; the business owner is, in turn, left hung out to dry and repair the damage that has been done both physically and economically, without their insurance companies backing.

If you are a business owner, or a commercial property owner that is struggling to settle your tornado damage claim, then you should reach out to our law firm for the experienced help. You need to avoid getting stuck in a cyclone of insurance issues.

Residential Tornado Damage

Supreme Recovery Homeowner’s Suffering After Tornado Losses

Following a tornado homeowners will begin the arduous tasks of collecting belongings and taking inventory of their lost property. This process often requires an endless amount of forms and paperwork. While the recovery process after a tornado is not easy, it’s certainly true that a homeowner’s insurance company shouldn’t unnecessarily complicate the process. What is clear is that a majority of homeowners beginning the tornado claims process have an expectation that their insurance company is there to help them, however, sometimes that is very far from reality. An insurance company is a business that survives by protecting their bottom dollar and insulating themselves from paying out for losses, and as a result, sometimes they deny and underpay legitimate claims.

Cutting Corners to Keep Profits

When a tornado hits an area it causes destruction to a large geographic region, and, as a result, the insurance company assumes preemptively that a large payout will be required. Thus, an insurance company wants to write as little checks as is possible to avoid losing money on claims. In fact, an insurance company will often hire trained legal teams and extremely trained adjusters that are tasked with limiting and lowballing how much they are willing to pay on a particular claim. Insurance companies often hope that homeowners are not aware of their legal rights when it comes down to the claims process. Insurance teams will attempt to pay as little as possible and not deal with a homeowner’s claim in a thorough, non-rushed, timely, and complete manner while attempting to hide the true extent of damages from their insured.

Condominium Homeowner’s Claims Face Scrutiny Too

After a tornado devastates an area, individual condo units also may face devastating scrutiny with regards to their policy coverage as different types of condo losses may be covered under some policies retained by unit owners, condominium associations, and other property owners, and, as a result, it can sometimes become complicated sorting through coverage issues. The complicated issues that afflict condominium owners arise because there are an abundant amount of claims being processed arising from the same storm on the same property, but from different parties. As a result, insurance companies will often rush to settle, deny, or underpay claims in the worst case scenario.

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