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Residential Hurricane Damage

All too often insurance companies will attempt to deny valid claims for hurricane losses. However, it is certainly inarguable that hurricane losses are disastrous and have far-reaching consequences, therefore, it is not uncommon for those affected to lose everything in the wake of the destruction brought on by a hurricane.

Homeowners Must Confront an Uphill Burden When Facing Hurricane Insurance Claims

Following a hurricane, many homeowners are forced to twiddle their thumbs and wait years to collect payment for their losses. Unfortunately, even when their claim is finally resolved they often find themselves left out in the cold, with no ability to cover their damages. It’s imperative that homeowners understand that they do not have to accept a claim resolution that falls short of meeting their needs, however, it is important to mention that homeowners pursuing a claim must be prepared to fight unfair insurance tactics before time runs out.

Underestimated and Underpaid Homeowner Claims After Hurricane Damage

Hurricanes are incredibly powerful and frighteningly devastating acts of mother nature that have the ability to relocate houses, uproot trees, collapse structures, strip siding, and in essence cause far-reaching and extensive decimation to residential properties. While some of the damage is obviously noticeable, there still exists a wide variety of damages that are not readily visible to the untrained eye and therefore they are often neglected in insurance adjusters appraisal reports. Thus, it’s no surprise that these forms of damages can cause expensive and numerous problems as the years pass when left unaddressed.

Water and Flood Damage Due to a Hurricane is Often Denied, Unseen, and/or Delayed

Certainly hurricanes do cause immense damage through their direct power, still, homeowners must also deal with the latent aftereffects of hurricanes including immense flooding from heavy rains and water leaks caused by structural damages inflicted by the storm. In fact, the water damage that follows after a hurricane can sometimes cause more damage than the initial storm itself. While it may seem as if such losses should be covered under the same policy that handles hurricane claims, the reality of the situation is that many homeowners will find themselves engaged in a tug-of-war between their own interests and the will of the insurance company.

Commercial Hurricane Damage

Powerful Hurricanes Translate into Complicated Commercial Claims

Seeing as how hurricanes are powerfully destructive storms that cause tremendous amounts of damage it is also quite possible that they also create complicated commercial property loss claims that in turn require correctness and exactness during appraisal. Commercial property owners often struggle in recovering from damage caused by the storm as a result of the heavy winds and rains that are associated with hurricanes that cause structural damage. Furthermore, many commercial property owners struggle with flooding conditions that jeopardize the ability to execute future work and furthermore may destroy work vehicles, structures, and work equipment. Moreover, commercial property owners must also cope with difficulties surrounding attempts to recoup losses predicated by thieves, vandals, and looters after the Hurricane has subsided. After all, a hurricane can, and usually does, shut down a city. Hurricanes often lead to further damage as city police and fire crews are unable to operate and therefore are unable to effectively police the surrounding areas. Depending on the coverage a commercial property owner carries it may be possible recover compensation for all of the losses mentioned above.

Insurance Companies Don’t Always Follow the Rules After a Hurricane Causes Extensive Commercial Losses

Despite paying your premiums on time insurance companies may attempt to try every underhanded tactic to not faithfully pay the accurate amount of a commercial property owner’s claim, this is especially true when a large heavily populated area is affected. As such, it is imperative for a commercial property owner to seek help in calculating the true amount of damages and fight against unfair insurance practices.

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