Testa No Fee Guarantee

The Testa Law Group’s, Testa No Fee Guarantee Simply Means That There is No Payment From You if No Money is Recovered for Your Personal Injury Case!

A significant concern of people injured in an accident is how they going to pay for their lawyer, particularly if they are unable to recoup any money. This concern is not a problem for Testa Law Group clients because the Testa Law Group has the Testa No Fee Guarantee, that promises our clients will not owe a penny if our injury accident attorneys are unable to obtain any compensation for their injuries.

What this means is that the Testa Law Group will work on your case from beginning to end, and you will not be asked to pay any out-of-pocket money before settlement. The collection of our contingency fee rates occurs only after your injury case has ended and we have obtained money for you through either settlement, verdict, or judgment. In the unfortunate event, we do not recover any money for your injuries; we make a promise to you that you will not owe us any payment for litigation costs or attorneys’ fees.

If the Testa Law Group accepts your injury case, then it is because we have faith in your case, in you, and we feel empowered in achieving justice for you and your family.

Get started today and have one of our injury accident attorneys walk you through your options and answer your questions and concerns, please contact the Testa Law Group at 877-780-9052 to schedule a free consultation.