Clients to Have Greater Access to Information

Secure Keyboard

The Testa Law Group is to implement a secure client portal for client convenience in order to give clients up to date information regarding their case progress.

The Testa Law Group is implementing advanced data collection programs and security software to go online by mid-August of 2017, in an effort to help clients become more involved in their case progress, foster enhanced communication channels, and help to decrease the amount of work clients undertake when engaging a personal injury lawyers for help.

The software and programs will furnish clients with backend conditional logic algorithms to help better understand the type of case the client is facing, the seriousness of injuries, the type and number of documents required of the client, the potential damages involved, and the possible parties involved.

Unlike other law firms, the Testa Law Group will ensure all medical documents are handled under current HIPAA-compliant guidelines and that Testa Law Group staff have HIPAA compliant certifications. Moreover, the Testa Law Group has strived and worked towards protecting and safeguarding client information by implementing multiple layers of security by adding two layers of SSL encryption, data encryption protocols, and executing a secure hosting environment that is BAA compliant.

The TLG Client Portal System Serves to:

  • Monitor the Progress of Your Case 24/7
  • 24/7 Virtual Access to Attorneys and Staff
  • Private and Secure Attorney-Client Messaging From Your Client Portal
  • Sign All Documents from Your Client Portal
  • No Hassle with Paperwork
  • No Software Downloads Necessary
  • Schedule Meetings with your Case Manager or Attorney
  • Upload Pictures and Any Important Files in Your Client Portal

If you or a loved one were injured or harmed, contact the Testa Law Group for a free case evaluation by calling 877-780-9052, or by registering online through the client registration system.