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Plant & Refinery Accidents

Significant risk for catastrophic personal injuries or death is a common everyday occurrence for those involved at an industrial work site. In fact, according to the International Labor Union, 6,300 people die per day because of occupational accidents or work-related diseases.

Throughout Texas and Louisiana, industrial plants and workplaces endure danger on a daily basis as workers manufacture goods or operate heavy machinery. Many industrial jobs requiring manual labor fall under a category of industrial employment. Included within that group are workers earning a living in:

  • Construction sites
  • Refineries
  • Oil refineries
  • Chemical plants
  • Machine shops
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing plants

Working in an oil refinery or another industrial plant involves operating near enormous quantities of flammable and toxic chemicals on a daily basis. Thus, it is of extreme importance for plant operators, contractors, and other parties to adhere to proper workplace safety measures to prevent catastrophic accidents such as explosions and fires that cause severe burns often leaving permanent scars, disfigurement, and sometimes even result in death. Moreover, due to the tremendous quantities of flammable and toxic chemicals workers endure on a day-to-day basis they are exposed to a variety of toxic substances that very well may lead to lung damage, neurological damage, and in some cases fatal illnesses including cancer or leukemia.

Even though many plant and refinery workers have the proper training and experience, a refinery worker is still placed in a dangerous environment where accidents are bound to occur. Not only are plant and refinery workers exposed to blazing flames and toxic chemicals but furthermore there is an increased risk of horrendous, crushing impact injuries due to the vast amount of heavy machinery involved with the job sites.

Some other examples of potential injuries are: Losing eyesight due to explosions, debris, chemicals, or sparks; Incredible pain from skeletomuscular injuries; Traumatic Brain Injuries; and hearing loss due to noisy machinery or explosions.

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