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Oil Field Injuries

We know that Texas, Louisiana, and Florida oilfield workers are some of the hardest working individuals out there today that face some of the most dangerous perils in the United States workforce; on a daily basis.

Due to the ever-growing increased demand for oil and gas, there is a continuous push for more crews and equipment that has put tremendous pressure on the industry to use inexperienced workers, unsafe equipment, and unreliable products. Because of these external pressures, unsafe work environments have culminated leading to an increase in work injuries from explosions, overexposure to dangerous chemicals, blowouts, and other well site accidents.

The potential hazards caused by this stressful line of work are significant, life altering, and debilitating. Oilfield workers work tireless and demanding hours for their employers and to benefit their families. We stand beside oilfield workers and believe that they should not suffer after an accident.

Both oilrigs and oilfields are outfitted and furnished with heavy industrial equipment that can inflict serious injury when not used correctly or when a malfunction occurs. In fact, hydraulic fracking and other extraction methods create such an immense amount of pressure it is almost inevitable that equipment will breakdown, malfunction, become damaged, or become disabled; thus, creating a recipe for catastrophic injury.

Some of the most widespread causes of oilfield accidents include:

  • Insufficient safeguards
  • Drilling malfunctions
  • Inadequate training
  • Equipment failure
  • Fire and explosions
  • Violations of safety procedures and policies

This Testa Law Group is here to help you and your family navigate through this difficult, stressful, and overwhelming period. We help oilfield workers after accidents by walking them through the process, investigating and successfully attacking contractors, oil and gas operators, and manufacturers to ensure that you receive the best treatment available and the maximize rights to compensation.

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