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The two sorts of underride collisions are side, and rear and both are incredibly treacherous for drivers and passengers in cars. Underride collisions are the most dangerous kinds of truck accidents in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida.

Side Underride Collisions

In a side underride accident, a vehicle crashes into the side of a commercial truck or crashes into the trailer portion of an 18-wheeler. This scenario is an especially serious situation in where the vehicle passes underneath the trailer, and in some cases, the trailer grazes the top portion of the car off – severely injuring, disfiguring, or killing occupants inside. This sort of underride collision can occur when an 18-wheeler is perpendicular to motorists, and drivers are not expecting the 18-wheeler to be in such a position. For example, this type of collision occurs when an 18-wheeler is engaging in a U-turn, or is in the process of making a wide turn onto a street, or has already jackknifed.

Although it seems like a large 18-wheeler would be a hard sight for motorists to miss, several circumstances can make it challenging to see an 18-wheeler, particularly if it is driving or stopped opposite traffic. Also, opposite traffic vehicle lights, particularly LED lights, can make impact a driver’s eyesight and make it difficult to see nearby and less lit objects after the eyes adjust from bright lights. Once dusk hits more accidents occur, as the gray haze that sets in makes it tough for drivers facing west, combine dusk time with oncoming vehicle headlights and the dangerousness is exacerbated. Moreover, inadequate reflectivity on the side and rear of 18-wheelers makes conditions more troublesome. Research has shown that several colors are more tricky to spot, particularly if they mix into the background. Typically, trucks that are white, gray, silver, and black can match a background more easily and, as a result, are camouflaged into the environment, making it troublesome for motorists and pedestrians to identify danger until a life-altering impact has already occurred.

Rear-Impact Underride Collisions

A rear-impact underride accident can happen for several of the same reasons, although certain kinds of loads are more predisposed to this sort of accident. For example, 18-wheeelers carrying loads that protrude from the rear of the trailer, such as long steel beams, housing materials, or lumber, are more likely to be rear-ended by a vehicle. Moreover, it is imperative for the safety of pedestrians and other motorists that 18-wheelers are well-maintained and, thus should be equipped with proper reflective material along the bottom edges of the trailer as well as functioning lights. Research has shown that reflective triangles embedded in the roads of highways and streets can greatly decrease underride collision accidents.

An Answer to Underride Accidents

One approach in preventing rear-end collisions from shifting into underride accidents is to install strong guards underneath trailers. When a rear impact guard operates accurately, the vehicle hitting the guard will not slide below the trailer. Some trucking companies in the United States currently use safety guards, but they can fail and fold at speeds as low as 30 mph, so rather than stopping vehicles from sliding underneath the trailer, they serve to reduce speed and act only as a visual safety piece with no real safety application. Nevertheless, other countries require strong guards underneath trailers that must withstand high speeds, such as Canada. Canada expects and calls for rear-impact barrier guards that are 75 percent more powerful and durable than those used in the United States.

Dodging Underride Accidents

Whether or not the government demands sterner terms on rear impact guards, all motorists can take action on their own behalf to decrease the number of underride collisions by exercising safe riding practices. For example, it is critical to avoid tailgating a commercial truck – keep at least three seconds apart from the vehicle ahead of you. Another example is, if you are glancing down at your phone, even for a second, you may not respond in time to fluctuations in the movement of traffic. Your capacity to respond to changing roadway situations is your greatest defense when it comes to evading a rear-end collision accident.

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