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Driving an 18-wheeler truck correctly is a craft that takes skill, time, and attention to master. One of the characteristics that drivers need to learn to perform the job well is how to operate the truck in accordance to the specifics of their load and the proper load capacities of certain trucks and trailers. Veteran drivers often know from first-hand experience, training, and education the haul capacities, weight, the cargo that the truck is hauling, how it is packed, and how the weight should be distributed in the trailer to ensure a safe travel and proper handling of the 18-wheeler.

Federal and State Trucking Regulations

Although local drivers often load their trucks by themselves with the help of loading tools such as a dolly, long haul truck drivers pick up pre packed trailers and drive them to their final destination. In fact, a majority of 18-wheeler drivers rely on other companies or other individuals to pack and properly load shipments on the trailers properly. Performing this process correctly involves balancing the weight distribution within the trailer, using securement mechanisms and tools such as tie downs, straps, and harnesses as commanded by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to assure cargo loads are not overly burdensome and uneven. In fact, several types of cargo have very precise instructions for tightening, fastening, and securing the load on trailers; thus, it is imperative that these laws and trucking regulations are observed to guarantee the safe handling of the trailer, motorists, and driver of the 18-wheeler.

In some cases, brokers, freighters, and shippers place a higher priority on profit than on safety. This is often noticed when the freighters and packing companies cram a large amount of cargo into spaces that are unsafe for the driver, roads, and motorists. When this occurs, even a skilled and veteran driver will have a challenging time maintaining and controlling the tractor-trailer. An overloaded truck is much more challenging to stop because of the additional weight or uneven load. The excess weight can also spell deadly destruction in the case of a collision. Furthermore, an overloaded truck is also likely imbalanced and prone to rollovers and jackknifes creating devastating consequences for not only the driver of the 18-wheeler but also innocent motorists and pedestrians. The additional strain put on the tires, engine, brakes, and transmission can start to result in equipment malfunction and break down these systems and, as a result, cause deadly and injurious collisions.

When companies support an overloaded truck out on the road that results in a crash, there may be more than one at-fault party. In some cases, the company that loads the truck or the hauling company may be playing things loosely and fastly by allowing or having an unwritten policy of permitting overloading to occur on a regular basis. In other cases, the truck driver may have blatantly ignored safety regulations or safeguards and overloaded the trailer. If you or a loved one were injured in a truck collision that you assume was the result of an improperly overloaded truck, then you should contact a dedicated and diligent overloaded truck accident lawyer because you are entitled to compensation for your injuries and losses.

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