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Get Relief After a Jackknife Collision By Hiring An Aggressive Jackknife Truck Wreck Lawyer

Big rigs hauling a trailer and other diesel trucks pulling trailers are prone to jackknife accidents. A jackknife is a type of vehicle crash where the driver of the hauling vehicle loses control and, as a result, the front portion of the truck skids to a stop but because of the momentum the trailer continues moving forward leaving the truck bent at a severe angle in the middle where the trailer becomes unhinged and slides out of control until the trailer is left leaning sideways or strewn down the road.

Dangerous Texas, Louisiana, and Florida Road Conditions Causing Jackknife Accidents

A jackknifed tractor-trailer produces an astonishingly hazardous road condition. Cars traveling behind the trailer are likely to smash into the broadside of the trailer. Also, it is not unusual for cars following behind a trailer to end up pinned underneath the trailer during the collision. In a large majority of jackknife accidents, the trailers spill their cargo, which in some cases is hazardous cargo that is toxic, flammable, or explosive, creating an even more dangerous scenario.

Highways are the most frequent place for jackknife accidents to occur, and because of the increased posted speeds allowed on a majority of highways, regrettably, translates into more severe and deadly accidents. Lost limbs, severe traumatic brain injury, and fatalities are not unusual in highway accidents involving commercial trucks. Jackknife accidents are life-altering and have devastating consequences for those involved.

All commercial truck collisions are frightening for motorists and their passengers. If an accident leaves you or a loved one with permanent disabilities or a terrifying brain injury, then the future can be just as frightening and traumatic. In the event a jackknifed trailer resulted in the loss of a loved one, then the scars of such a loss are permanent, and it is important that you consult with a diligent and dedicated jackknife truck wreck lawyer in your time of need.

Get Maximum Compensation By Hiring An Aggressive Jackknife Truck Wreck Lawyer

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