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18-wheelers, tractor-trailers, big rigs, and semis are a frequent sight on Texas, Louisiana, and Florida highways. These big rigs perform an essential function in delivering cargo but, nevertheless, pose an elevated risk and danger when the vehicle is operated in a negligent or reckless demeanor. Commercial trucks are hard to control and have limited visibility in seeing other motorists on the road.

Injured in a Blind Spot Truck Aaccident?

You may have the power to seek money damages by filing a lawsuit. Your first step is to speak with a diligent and dedicated blind spot trucking accident lawyer that is familiar with truck accident cases.

The Truck No-Zone – Blind spots

Due to their size, certain areas around 18-wheelers have what are known as “no-zones” or “blind spots” where it is hazardous for other vehicles to drive. Due to this enormous blind spot, truck drivers, frankly cannot observe vehicles in these “no-zones.” Driving on busy Texas, Louisiana, and Florida highways include sharing the road with commercial vehicles and, as a result, it is not invariably possible to avoid driving in truck blind spots when in the ebb and flow of traffic. In some cases, tragedy occurs when a car drives in the adjoining lane while in a blind spot of a truck.

Some circumstances that are known to add to the number of truck accidents in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida, and nationally, are that many truck drivers are overscheduled, exhausted, and take chances in attempting to meet troublesome deadlines. Some drivers have been observed driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you or a loved one were injured in a blind spot truck accident, contact the Testa Law Group and allow a blind spot trucking accident lawyer to evaluate the circumstances of your case and help you and your family in this unfortunate experience.

Who Is Accountable for a Truck Accident in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida?

If you or a loved one were injured in a blind spot truck accident, then you should seek compensation for your losses. In 18-wheeler accident cases there are sometimes various parties that may be liable, including the transport company, driver, and the truck manufacturer or parts manufacturer. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has particular regulations regarding how many hours a driver is permitted to continuously drive. Truck drivers are allowed to drive a maximum of 10 hours only after 8 consecutive hours off duty. Moreover, a driver is not allowed drive after 60 to 70 hours on duty in 7 to 8 consecutive days. A driver is allowed to restart a 7 to 8 consecutive day period after taking 34 or more consecutive hours off duty. But, because of the increased pressure to deliver shipments on time, truck drivers routinely violate these regulations by falsify log books and, as a result, puts other motorists in severe danger. Thus, it is critical that if you or a loved one are injured in a trucking accident wreck, you contact a blind spot trucking accident lawyer as quickly as possible.

How to Avoid an 18-wheeler’s Blind Spot

These driving tips can help you and your family from being involved in an 18-wheeler blind spot accident:

  • Allow plenty of room for an 18-wheeler while at an intersection, stop sign, or when stopped on an embankment. In some cases, an 18-wheeler may tend to roll backward when the driver shifts gears after coming to a stop.
  • Be mindful of 18-wheelers making wide turns
  • Avoid driving in blind spots
  • Leave at least three car lengths of room in front of your vehicle when driving behind an 18-wheeler.
  • Call the police if you witness an 18-wheeler driving erratically.
  • When passing an 18-wheeler, leave at least three car lengths of space before re-entering the lane in which the 18-wheeler is traveling.

Despite defensive driving techniques, an 18-wheeler accident is sometimes unavoidable. Sideswipes, jackknifes, rollovers, runaway trailers, and other truck accidents occur swiftly, without warning. Because of the sheer size and weight of 18-wheelers accidents involving passenger vehicles usually, result in serious or even deadly injuries. In fact, out of 95,000 individuals injured in 18-wheeler accidents, less than 30% of those accidents involve an injury to the driver of the 18-wheeler, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Get Help From A Tough Blind Spot Trucking Accident Lawyer

When you’ve sustained damages or lost a loved one in a blind spot truck accident, it can be challenging to think about the pain and suffering not to mention the mounting medical bills. The personal injury lawyers at the Testa Law Group are dedicated to ensuring that every single injured person and their family has a fair shot at a bright and healthy future. Thus, if a person or organization is negligent, careless, or reckless and, as a result, you or a loved one are harmed, then we will do what it takes to hold that party accountable. Let the Testa Law Group fight for you to get the compensation that you and your family deserves. Contact us for a free consultation at 877-780-9052 to speak with a blind spot trucking accident lawyer.