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Crossing and Derailment Injury Lawyer

Railroad crossings can be hazardous and very dangerous places for both pedestrians and motorists. The Gulf states have the nation’s busiest railroad hubs, and some coastal communities have many railroad crossings used by a huge number of trains every day. If railroad crossing signals are not working correctly, the results can often be ruinous. In a second, drivers, passengers, and pedestrians can be hit and severely injured or killed by an on-coming train rumbling through a railroad crossing. Often, these serious injury-causing accidents are as result of the negligence of the train company, that must warrant that the crossings are safe. The companies and employees are under a duty imposed by law to use reasonable care to evade injury to any bicyclist, motorist, or pedestrian who is or is attempting to cross the train tracks.

Some of the factors that may contribute to a railroad crossing accident include:

  • Failure to sound the whistle to warn both drivers and pedestrians
  • Road grade or steep curves in the road or track, causing poor visibility
  • Broken train whistle or other train defects
  • Poor lines of sight
  • Lines of sight obstructing the view of the crossing
  • Missing crossbucks
  • Signal malfunction
  • Speeding train
  • Overgrown vegetation
  • Derailment at a crossing

Sadly, railroad crossing accidents can frequently be remarkably complicated. In many cases, one company operates and owns the railroad tracks while another company owns or leases and maintains the train itself. Dealing with all these corporations and entities and their teams of lawyers can be very time consuming and at times present larger hurdles to the litigation strategy. In many cases, companies operate their entities in a manner strictly to attempt to evade liability and are trained to speak on matters that consistently deliver mistruths where one employee’s answers question that differ from other employees and designated officers for deposition are trained to evade the truth. This is why you need an aggressive crossing injury lawyer with the Testa Law Group to force wrongdoers to submit or face increased pressures. Call the Testa Law Group at (877) 780-9052 to speak with a railroad accident lawyer for free.

Derailment Injuries

Train derailment accidents in the South are sadly quite common. As the Gulf coast states are home to some of the nation’s most extensive railroad networks, reports of train derailments in Texas and Louisiana occur far more often in these states than many other states.

If you or a loved one were injured in a train derailment accident in a Gulf state, then you need an experienced railroad accident lawyer on your side, to fight for your rights and the protection of your family. You need an aggressive lawyer that understands the state’s intricate legal system and grasps how to get you the money you rightfully deserve. A railroad accident lawyer at the Testa Law Group understands the severe nature of derailment accident injuries, that can range from broken bones, loss of business revenue for surrounding stores, spinal cord injury, amputation, traumatic brain injury, and even death. There is far too much at stake when dealing with a railroad derailment injury. Insurance claims adjusters or the insurance company counsel are out to protect the insurance company from paying big money to a severely injured pedestrian or bicyclist. We are eager to fight tooth and nail on behalf of our injured clients to get the most money for their injuries, medical bills, pain and suffering, future lost wages, lost wages, future treatment costs, and other damages related to the train accident.

Testa Law Group Train Accident Lawyers Deliver Results

Derailment accidents can happen for various reasons. In some cases, the switches on the railroad tracks are not placed or set correctly. In other cases, employees of the railroad company acted in a manner that was negligent, careless, or indifferent to the safety of others. In some cases, we have seen railroad workers make mistakes because of long shifts and, as a result, did not perform the required maintenance work. Regardless of the negligent act or the mistake made someone needs to be held accountable for the ensuing devastation that occurs afterward. That’s what we do best – make wrongdoers pay.

The Testa Law Group handles a wide variety of train derailment accidents. Contact the Testa Law Group for a free consultation with an experienced train accident lawyer by calling (877) 780-9052.

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