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Cervical vertebrae are the top seven vertebrae of the spine that include a person’s neck, which supports the head. A broken neck refers to a fracture of the cervical spine. A cervical fracture can cause severe headaches, painful neck discomfort and in some cases can cause partial and even death.

Spine Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one endured a cervical fracture because of another’s carelessness, negligence, or willful misconduct then you should pursue compensation. To get fair compensation for the damages you have suffered, it is necessary that you seek the representation of a dedicated and disciplined Texas, Louisiana, or Florida spine injury lawyer. The Testa Law Group will fight tooth and nail to get your maximum compensation for your injury.

Common Causes of Cervical Fractures

Numerous situations can cause a cervical fracture or “broken neck,” the most common causes of this injury are:

  • Motor vehicle accidents – Being launched from a car or motorcycle can cause a broken neck. Moreover, the force from enduring whiplash, which is the violent jerking of the head can cause a broken neck.
  • Falls – Falls, particularly tumbling falls where a person lands on their head and neck region, cause a cervical fracture.
  • Assaults – Violent and willful acts lead to all types of injuries, and that includes cervical fractures.
  • Sports injuries – Numerous sports can lead to cervical fractures. From diving into a shallow pool to butting helmets in football, many sports contact or not can result in cervical fractures.

Damages in a Cervical Fracture Claim

If another party acted in a negligent or reckless manner, then you should pursue a lawsuit to get compensation for any of the following damages:

  • Medical bills emanating from the accident
  • Future medical bills
  • Pain and suffering damages caused by the impact of the injury and the suffering you experienced
  • Mental anguish and emotional duress damages. In a majority of cases that deal with sudden forceful physical trauma clients typically develop or increase pre-existing PTSD or panic attacks that require therapy
  • Costs of physical therapy
  • Costs of rehabilitation
  • Permanent injury or handicap damages, in the event your accident resulted in a permanent injury that makes working or walking difficult or painful
  • Household and vehicle modifications. If the damage to your necessitated a wheelchair or other device, then you must be compensated for the costs of the wheelchair or other device, costs or implementing a ramp in your home, and the costs for any vehicle modifications
  • Scarring and disfigurement damages. If the accident caused permanent scars to your face or body, then you are entitled to compensation
  • Lost wages. More likely than not, you were required to miss work as a result of your injuries to seek treatment or for recovery purposes; thus, you are entitled to lost wages
  • Loss of earning capacity. If the damage to your body was so devastating, that you could no longer carry out your professional calling, whereby making it impracticable to continue working at your former occupation, then you are entitled to damages in the form of loss of earning capacity
  • Reduced earning capacity. If your injuries allow you to keep working in your profession, yet in a restrained capacity, such as decreased hours, then you are entitled to damages in the form of reduced earning capacity
  • Occupational therapy and retraining, rehabilitation. More often than not you will be compensated for the costs of training for an occupation and the costs of rehabilitation in learning to retrain your muscle functions after a serious accident
  • Hedonic damages. If for instance in your spare time, you enjoyed running marathons or painting, but due to the injuries you sustained are no longer able to perform such fun leisure activities, then you can ask and will likely receive compensation for such a loss of the joy that the activities brought to your life
  • Wrongful death. Sadly, if an accident caused a loved one or even you to perish, then your family could sue for your future wages, your benefits, and your funeral and burial expenses

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