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Burn Injury Lawyer for Victims of Severe Burns

Pain is just the beginning for a person that has suffered that has suffered a burn injury. Accompanying the long road to recovery and pain is physical and psychological scarring along with, crushing medical bills and lost wages. However, you are not alone in dealing with these issues. The Testa Law Group helps support southern families who have endured and suffered a burn injury. We fight for residents throughout Texas, Louisiana, and Florida to ensure you receive the maximum amount of money to help you and your family.

Burn Injury Lawyer

Your rehabilitation and recovery are our number one priority, and we will use the full extent of the law to help both you and your family survive this difficult time. Leave everything to us and don’t worry about the opposing insurance company, we will fight aggressively in court for you and won’t stop until justice is served. To learn more, call us for a free consultation with a burn injury lawyer at (877) 780-9052.

Third-and Fourth-Degree Burns

First and second-degree burns affect the epidermis and dermis layers of skin, while third and fourth-degree burns spread beyond the skin into the tissue and sometimes afflict a person’s muscles. Treatment for third and fourth-degree burns involves extensive surgery, medical care, and skin grafting. The costs of such procedures are very expensive and in most cases can reach well over a hundred thousand dollars. Sadly, even the top medical treatments may not fully get rid of the scars and disfigurement often accompanying the after effects of severe burns; thus, contacting a burn injury lawyer is critical.

Chemical Burns

There are three principal types of chemical agents that can cause burns: hydrocarbons, acids, and bases. Unbeknownst to man people, these agents are in many common industrial and household products. A person can typically find these agents in drain cleaners, solvents, bleach, ammonia, and degreasing agents. Damage from these agents is not just limited to skin and tissue loss. When any of these agents are inhaled in a gaseous state (mixing cleaning products together), these chemical agents can generate severe injury to a person’s respiratory system and lungs, causing severe complications.

Pit Fire Burns

Far too many people have been permanently injured or killed as a result of others around them acting in a careless or reckless manner when handling combustible or unstable materials to put into a fire. Putting combustible or other unsuitable materials into a fire can cause serious injury and in some cases result in explosions and aggressive flames that leave a person scarred for life.

Other Examples of Severe Burns

There are other types of burns injuries that can result in severe scarring, organ damage, disfigurement, and death, including:

  • Electrical accidents
  • Scalding burns
  • Factory explosions
  • Tanker explosions
  • Industrial explosions
  • Building fires
  • Defective Products

Even after suffering from a severe burn, it is possible to regain normalcy in life. To regain normalcy in life, one must have access to excellent medical care, and with the help of a dedicated burn injury lawyer – we at the Testa Law Group can provide you or your loved one with access to some of America’s most awarded medical professionals dealing with burn injuries.

Don’t Delay, Get Started on Your Severe Burn Injury Case As Soon as Possible

If you retain a severe burn injury lawyer at the Testa Law Group, we will ferociously fight tooth and nail against insurance companies for you and your family’s protection. We are dedicated, determined, and disciplined in holding negligent parties responsible and will thoroughly investigate the events encompassing your burn accident. Because evidence sometimes fades with time and because there is a statute of limitations for injuries occurring in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida, it is crucial that your or a loved one contact us as soon as possible. Call the Testa Law Group for a free consultation with a burn injury lawyer call us at (877) 780-9052.