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Dedicated Amputation Lawyer Helping Families After Limb Loss

A catastrophic injury is an injury that occurs quickly and without any notice, having life-altering effects on the victim. Amputation is one of the most critical types of catastrophic injuries and is without a doubt one of the most destructive types of personal injuries a person may endure. The loss of a limb or body part is not only emotionally, physically, and financially burdening for the victim as it forever impacts their life, but also concerns the family and loved ones who desperately try to help the victim regain, recover, and recapture a sense of normalcy. In the chance that your amputation injury is created by the negligence of another party, a competent and dedicated amputation lawyer can help you obtain the damages you need to heal and recover from your injuries.

Amputation Lawyer

Defeating Obstacles and Challenges After an Amputation

The physical hurdles of an amputation injury are remarkably tough, as a person will likely have to relearn fundamental tasks and things, such as holding items, walking, driving, and in some cases require life-long assistance. An amputation may also create psychological and emotional conditions triggering the need for therapy. These inconspicuous scars can include, post-traumatic stress disorder; loss of self-confidence; loss of self-esteem; and depression, due to disfigurement or scarring. Thus, contacting a dedicated amputation lawyer after an accident is critical.

How Come I Need to File an Injury Claim After an Amputation in Texas, Louisiana, or Florida?

The original costs of an amputation are considerably costly, and the continued care and therapy one may need will add supplementary financial burdens to an already tough and challenging circumstance. Multiple surgeries may be needed to restore nerve damage, and if a prosthetic limb is applied, it is expensive to buy and can require replacement and refitting every few years. If your amputation injury was precipitated by the negligence of another party, it is important that you inquire with an attorney about compensation to help pay for your present and future medical care. An injured party should obtain payment for several types of damages after an amputation following an accident, including, but not limited to: the past, present, and future medical expenses; lost wages, lost income; and pain and suffering brought on as a result of injury by a negligent party.

Compassionate, Diligent, and Dedicated Amputation Lawyer To Fight For Your and Your Family

The catastrophic injury lawyers of the Testa Law Group know how mortifying an amputation injury can be and realize the vital challenges that may arise after the accident that caused it. Rehabilitation and recovery after an accident are tough enough for the victim; thus, seeking compensation shouldn’t be. Our legal team is dedicated to protecting the rights of accident victims and holding accountable parties responsible for their negligence. To understand and ask how we can assist you and your family on your road to recovery, please call (877) 780-9052 to schedule a free complimentary consultation with an experienced amputation lawyer.

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