Our law group has a wealth of legal skill working with accident injury victims. We dedicate our practice on dangerous drugs, car accidents, work injuries, slip and fall cases, business bad faith issues and various other types of negligence cases. Our clients are happy that we have numerous offices throughout the Houston and New Orleans area, including an office near League City. We enjoy fighting against insurance companies, insurance adjuster, and opposing counsel on behalf of our clients. Insurance companies, insurance adjuster, and opposing counsel are watching out for their bottom line. They often will strive to convince an accident victim to settle a case for far less than it is worth. An accident victim may feel bewildered by the situation and financially strapped, and in many cases may be willing to take far less money than he or she deserves. If you were involved in a car accident, don’t strive to settle your case without speaking with a skilled personal injury lawyer. You may not be conscious of all the money to which you’re entitled, including money for pain and suffering, rehab, vehicle modifications (wheelchair, etc.), medical expenses, lost wages, and money for your family members as well in some cases. If a loved one was killed in an accident, then you might be qualified to additional money for a wrongful death claim. If you have been involved in an accident, then don’t get taken advantage of by an insurance adjuster – call a tough personal injury lawyer. Our law group offers free consultations. Free consultations will enable you to see if our law group is a good fit for your needs and wants. If we do decide to work together, then we work on a contingent – fee basis. Working on a contingent fee basis means that you don’t owe us a penny until you receive an award from the insurance company, judge, or jury.


Numerous of clients throughout Texas and the League City area have been very happy with the services our law group has offered. We support people who have been affected by car accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, truck accidents, work injuries, and other types of negligence cases. We guarantee that our clients are treated professionally and competently. Let us help you with your case.

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If you or a loved one were injured in an accident, then you may be unsure of where to start your search for a lawyer. You may be apprehensive about calling a personal injury lawyer that you found on the Internet. If you are looking for an accident lawyer near League City, then you should keep a couple of things in mind and look for certain qualities in a lawyer. You will want to find a lawyer with a great deal of skill practicing both in personal injury law and in the geographic area where your accident occurred. You want a lawyer with a high level of skill and a lot of happy clients. You’ll also want to find a law group that takes the time to understand what you are watching for. The personal injury lawyers at the Testa Law Group have been very highly rated in the Southlake area. Nicholas Testa has received numerous awards and recognitions and is highly rated.

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