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Get an Aggressive Motorcycle Accident Lawyer to Win Your Case

There are thousands of reasons motorcyclists are injured in single motorcycle accidents. From poor road conditions to thoughtless and careless motorists but one thing is for certain; motorcyclists unquestionably suffer vast amounts of pain and suffering following a motorcycle accident. A skilled motorcycle accident lawyer at the Testa Law Group will recognize the challenging situation injured motorcyclists are put in and stand ready to assist and support. For a motorcycle accident lawyer to help a victim of a motorcycle accident it is imperative that the motorcycle accident lawyer is involved in the case as soon as possible. Insurance claims involving motorcycle accidents are seldom easy – as there are many puzzles and questions when it comes to such accidents, particularly when it is a single motorcycle accident.

It is a normal cat and mouse game for insurance companies and those blamed for causing your disaster to make it exceptionally tough for you to receive compensation for your injuries. Thus, the Testa Law Group advises that you contact our team as soon as possible so that we may file a cause of action on your behalf to blow past the usual games played by negligent parties and get you and your family the compensation that you rightfully deserve.

The Testa Law Group will defend your rights to compensation and work diligently and furiously to secure money to create a brighter future for you and your family. Contact the Testa Law Group for a free consultation from a winning motorcycle accident lawyer. Call the Testa Law Group for a free consultation by calling 877-780-9052 and speak with a motor cycle accident lawyer.

How do Single Rider Motorcycle Accidents Occur?

As discussed earlier there may be a multitude of reasons causing a single rider motorcycle accident to occur. At the Testa Law Group, it is our responsibility to get to the cause of what created your wreck. We achieve this through exhaustive investigation and professional reviews by industry experts. By preparing a clear idea and project path of possibilities of how the accident transpired, we can build a rock-solid framework for your case to rest upon – clearing a path to victory. Below are some situations and environments causing single rider motorcycle accidents:

  • Defective Parts: Not all accidents are due to another drive, some are the result of negligent manufacturers and designers. If your motorcycle was built with faulty and defective parts that are crucial to its function such as cylinders, fuel lines, brakes, and it fails, then the manufacturer and designer must answer for such a failure.
  • Hazardous Roadways: The state, city or local municipality must maintain roads and clear hazards, should they fail to uphold their obligations to citizens, then they are liable and must answer for their failure to safeguard citizens.

Get an Aggressive Motorcycle Accident Lawyer to Win Your Case

The days following a motorcycle accident are the most important as evidence must be collected, and an investigation must begin. Don’t pause after an accident, seek the help of a dedicated and determined motorcycle accident lawyer at the Testa Law Group to get the compensation that you deserve. Call the Testa Law Group for a free consultation with a motorcycle accident lawyer by calling 877-780-9052.

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