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Get an Aggressive Broadside Accident Lawyer to Win Your Case

If you or a loved one was a victim of a broadside motorcycle collision, also commonly referred to as a T-bone collision or a right-angle collision, then it is extremely probable that the motorist who crashed into you or your loved one, was at-fault. Nevertheless, you and your family may encounter a difficult time establishing your claim because people are normally biased against motorcyclists.

In a majority of cases adjusters, jurors, and officers, routinely assume that the reckless individual causing the accident was the motorcyclists. But, as is often proved in a court of law, numerous motorcyclists are informed and conscious of the laws of the road and the risks involved in sharing a road with negligent drivers.

Talk to a dedicated and disciplined broadside accident lawyer at the Testa Law Group, so that we can use our resources to carry out a meticulous investigation of the events surrounding the accident and collect accurate evidence that will substantiate your suit and help you attain victory. To get started on the road to recovery, reach out to us for a free consultation with a broadside accident lawyer at 877-780-9052.

The Hazards and Outcomes of Broadside Motorcycle Collisions

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2014, there were 4,586 motorcyclist fatalities in the United States. Several of these events included the victim becoming broadsided.

General motor vehicles have what is called crumple zones that serve to absorb some of the energy and force of an impact in the event of a crash. As you know, motorcyclists have no such security – no seatbelts, side curtains, or airbags. Motorcyclists are totally exposed to the elements, which makes them the most prone motorists on the road and, in some cases results in serious injury and even death. While, helmets, pads, and protective do help to improve a motorcyclist’s survivability; such protection is entirely ineffective in severe accidents.

A broadside collision can cause a motorcyclist to stagger into the pathway of oncoming vehicles, or forcefully overthrow them sideways, smashing their head and body upon the ground or other static objects. It is not uncommon for victims of broadside motorcycle collisions to endure spinal cord injuries and traumatic that are frequently catastrophic in character and require long-term treatment, therapy, and home health care. Other frequent injuries include shoulder injuries, amputation, pelvic fractures, burns, and hip dislocation. The resultant troubles of an unfortunate incident can be destructive to those who were dependent on the victim and disunite their future security. The sensitive and mental result can be significant as well.

Whatever the case may be, it is extremely advised that victims discuss their accident with a skilled personal injury attorney as soon as they can, to protect their rights to a complete and appropriate payment for all damages.

The General Causes of Broadside Motorcycle Accidents

All motorists are empowered to the protections of the rules of the road, and that covers motorcyclists. Regrettably, there are drivers that fail to practice the standard of care, and it is their neglectful conduct which causes broadside motorcycle accidents. The typical causes of broadside motorcycle accidents are:

  • Turning left without checking for others
  • Distracted driving (applying makeup, eating, reading, texting, etc.)
  • Failure to yield or stop at an intersection
  • Road rage

Get an Aggressive Broadside Accident Lawyer to Win Your Case

A broadside accident lawyer with the Testa Law Group is here to help you and your family through this challenging time. We will fight hard for the compensation that you and your family deserve. Focus on your rehabilitation and let us deal with the life-altering incident that caused you pain and financial turmoil. Call us at 877-780-9052 for a free case consultation with a broadside accident lawyer to ascertain whether you have a strong case.

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