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Disaster will result when an injury occurs to the brachial plexus (“Biker’s Arm”). Motorcycle mishaps typically cause injuries to the rider because bikes don’t have the airbags, frame, seatbelts, and the steel shell that protects passengers and occupants of automobiles. Injuries sustained by motorcycle riders in collisions can vary from minor bruises and scrapes to major, life-altering, and in some cases, even fatal injuries. One common type of nonfatal injury motorcycle riders can suffer from as a result of a motorcycle accident is “biker’s arm, ” or in some circles, it is known as “rider’s arm.” This injury happens when a rider instinctively tries to break their fall using their arms and, as a result, leads to severe injuries to the riders wrists, hands, elbows, arms, and in some cases shoulders.

If you or a loved one suffered a biker’s arm injury or any other variety of injury as a result of a motorcycle accident, then you should seek attorney representation to combat increased and overflowing medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering, and future medical care costs.

To seek redress, it is necessary to get the help of a skilled, diligent and dedicated motorcycle accident attorney. The Testa Law Group represents victims of motorcycle accidents and works tooth and nail to get victims the maximum amount of compensation that they deserve. Let a biker’s arm accident lawyer at the Testa Law Group handle your case and protect your rights to payment. Call the Testa Law Group for a free consultation with a biker’s arm accident lawyer at 877-780-9052.

What is Biker’s Arm?

Biker’s arm is created by an injury to the Brachial Plexus. The Brachial Plexus is a network of nerves in the upper arm and shoulder. The purpose and function of the Brachial Plexus is to convey signals from the spine throughout a person’s arm and hand. These signals inform the arm muscles to contract, control, and relax – which in turn control the movement of the arm. Brachial Plexus injuries are challenging to overcome as they impair a person’s ability to handle and grasp an object with their hands. Everyday tasks such as lifting their hands to pick-up items or write down things become a major obstacle.

Symptoms of Biker’s Arm

As a consequence of a biker’s arm injury (Brachial Plexus), a victim can lose some or all of their arm functions. Symptoms common in those suffering from biker’s arm injuries include:

  • Good to moderate use of the fingers, although inadequate or no control over the movement of the shoulder or elbow.
  • Good to moderate use of the arm, although no control or little control in the fingers.
  • Complete paralysis of the entire arm.

Money Damages After Suffering A Biker’s Arm Injury

As you can guess, any loss of function in one or both arms grievously affects the rest of a person’s life. Depending on the graveness and scope of the biker’s arm injury, victims may be entitled to compensation for any of the following:

  • Medical bills.
  • Costs of future medical treatments: nerve injuries demand multiple surgeries to repair a patient’s condition.
  • The cost of physical therapy and rehabilitation services.
  • Pain and suffering: Nerve injuries normally cause severe chronic pain that regular painkillers fail to provide relief.
  • Partial or complete paralysis.
  • Permanent injury and disability.
  • The cost of household and vehicle modifications: after an injury, it may be necessary to make modifications for a person to live independently. These modifications can include ramp installations, vehicle wheelchair modifications, cabinet latches, and light switch modifications, as well as restroom and bathing modifications.
  • Lost wages: imagine how the loss of arm function could affect your ability to do most jobs.
  • Loss of career or earning capacity: in some cases, an injury is so severe it causes the victim to become unemployable in their chosen profession.
  • Reduced earning capacity: In the event, a person suffers an injury and can hold down a job, the new job may not earn them as much income as their previous job, therefore, reducing the amount of income they are able to earn.
  • Costs of in home care: Inhibiting one’s arms use means that mundane personal tasks require the help of another, thus necessitating the use of home health services.
  • Hedonic damages: These damages are awarded when a person experiences a loss of joy in life as a result of never being able to enjoy an activity that they cherished before being involved in the accident that ceased their ability to partake in the activity.
  • Punitive damages: If the accident involved wilful, wanton, or reckless disregard for the safety of others through their egregiousness conduct, then the at-fault party may be forced to pay punitive damages to serve as a deterrent.

Win Your Case with a Tough Biker’s Arm Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one suffered from a biker’s arm injury, your life might be permanently affected. To get the money damages that you rightfully deserve, it is essential that you talk with a dedicated and determined biker’s arm accident lawyer at the Testa Law Group. The Testa Law Group can help you and your family recuperate from your injuries by calling 877-780-9052 for a free consultation with a biker’s arm accident lawyer.

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