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Should You Join the Xarelto Lawsuit?

Xarelto is manufactured by Bayer but is marketed and advertised here in the U.S. by Johnson & Johnson’s subsidiary, Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Among the several dangerous side effects of taking Xarelto the most serious side effect is uncontrollable bleeding. Additionally, Xarelto does not have an antidote, moreover, in lawsuits filed by people who were injured by the drug, maintain they were not informed or warned adequately about the medication’s risk.

Xarelto Lawsuit

Xarelto (rivaroxaban) was approved for use by the FDA in 2011. And even though Xarelto is the newest prescription blood thinner medication on the market, it is the market leader in prescription blood thinner medication.

Alarming Dangers of Xarelto

Xarelto is a dangerous drug. Thus a Xarelto lawsuit was filed to protect those harmed by the drug. In fact, the most alarming side effect of using Xarelto is bleeding that uncontrollable. What makes Xarelto’s so much more dangerous is that there is no known antidote to stop patients who experience uncontrollable bleeds. You see there are other anticoagulant drugs on the market such as warfarin where an antidote exists. Because Xarelto has no antidote to quickly stop bleeding doctors are unable to save lives. As you can see it was only a matter of time after the introduction of the drug onto the marketplace that a Xarelto lawsuit would be filed to protect victims.

The makers of Xarelto, Bayer, and Johnson & Johnson, have not produced an antidote and have yet to release any pertinent knowledge and information to doctors as to how to properly treat patient’s experiencing severe bleeding dilemmas. Regrettably, Bayer’s and Johnson & Johnson’s failures have led to a number of deaths across the country.

It’s no secret that Xarelto is a dangerous blood thinner with many side effects. Data collected from FDA reports reveals that rather than stopping blood clots and preventing heart attacks, Xarelto may be increasing adverse events it aims to treat, such as serious blood clots.

Groups Most At Risk

The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) has stated that patients who undergo hip or knee replacement surgery are at the highest risk of developing complications as a consequence of Xarelto use. Dangerous blood clots are likely to trigger strokes or heart attacks whenever they progress to the brain. Also, other studies have presented research indicating that patients who have had spinal injections or other procedures are in jeopardy of developing blood clots in the spine that can create permanent paralysis.

Side Effects of Using Xarelto

Overall, Xarelto’s side effects include:

  • Excessive and uncontrollable bleeding
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Brain bleeding
  • Abdominal Bleeding
  • Brain Hemorrhage
  • Internal hemorrhaging
  • Abnormal Liver Function
  • Reduced Platelet Levels
  • Gastrointestinal bleeding
  • Pulmonary embolism

Unfortunately, researchers and doctors agree that following surgery Xarelto users are at increased chance of wound infections and other complications in patients who take Xarelto. Orthopedic surgeons have recognized that patients taking Xarelto after hip- or knee-replacement surgery are likely to return to the operating room and undergo strong antibiotic therapy for weeks and even months. The researchers and surgeons perceive that the likely cause is because of dangerous wound infection and prolonged leakage at the site.

Though Xarelto is the newest and most marketed prescription blood thinner medication on the market it carries with it a plethora of dangerous side effects that have devastated thousands of families nationwide. Because of the slick marketing maneuvers, the overall dangerousness of the drug, and lack of an antidote, it’s imperative that injured individuals protect their rights and contact an experienced attorney. If you would like more information on the dangers of Xarelto, feel free to read our questions and answers section to learn how to protect your health and legal rights.

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