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Parents want to do everything possible to protect their children from harm. Because of this, parents seek to purchase the safest and highest rated child products to securely transport their children. But, hazardous children’s merchandise is often purchased by accident and can cause injury to countless young children each and every year, including strollers. A stroller is designed to safely move and carry children. However, when a stroller is poorly designed or manufactured with a defect, then your child is at risk or may suffer from an injury.

Often, a hazardous imperfection or defect is not discovered until a child has already been harmed. When your child has been harmed by a product you thought was safe, it is rational to feel angry as well as bewildered. A stroller defect lawyer of the Testa Law Group will recognize what you and your family may be handling and feelings you may be experiencing, but it is essential to know that you and your family have lawful rights and recourse in these types of circumstance against those liable for your child’s injury and suffering.

The Dangers of a Defective Child Stroller

Parents and guardians have grown to natural trust major brands and also have been conditioned to implicitly trust products purchased from large retailers. A caregiver naturally purchases a child product to provide for the child – not to injure the child and cause harm. Thus, when a product a parent purchases for a child causes injury, it is a surprising event that cannot be prepared for and is hard to remain calm.

A child stroller with a threatening or hazardous defect can cause many different types of severe injuries to your child. Those often injured the worst are younger kids who normally suffer the most severe injuries involving child strollers. Injuries resulting from stroller accidents normally include back or spine injuries, eye injuries, facial lacerations, minor or severe head injuries, and in some cases amputations. The mental shock of a serious accident on both the child and the parents can be a horrific event to not only experience but also to recover from.

Stroller injuries commonly involve injuries, such as:

  • Lacerations
  • Risk of strangulation
  • Fall hazards
  • Choking hazards
  • Fingertip amputation

How a Product Liability Claim Can Help You and Your Family

When your child is hurt, receiving the greatest medical care is vital to providing your child an efficient and quick recovery. Proper medical care and treatment can be expensive; thus, it is a reason why you and your family should consider filing a product liability lawsuit. A product liability claim preserves consumers and users from hazardous products and operates to hold negligent manufacturers, designers, and other responsible parties legally accountable for the danger and harm their unsafe product causes. A favorable case will involve money damages for your economic losses as well as damages for the pain and suffering your child and family has sustained due to the injury and setback.

A child stroller injury may be created by a manufacturing defect, a defective design, or a failure to provide adequate warnings of the risks associated with using the product; thus, preserving the stroller or other defective product is very important, in the event you decide to pursue legal action. Moreover, retaining basic documents, such as receipts, medical records, and witness statements always help your legal case. Additionally, seeking direction and assistance from a diligent stroller defect lawyer of the Testa Law Group can help you build a strong and solid case against the manufacturer or designer, who will more likely than not have a well-funded legal team and plenty of paid experts on their side.

Protecting Children and Families

An event causing your child injury can be an exceptionally distressing and an unexpected occurrence. The important thing to remember is that there is assistance and support available to help you and your child recover. A stroller defect lawyer of the Testa Law Group will have the dedication, drive, skills, and legal expertise necessary to build a strong case for your family. A stroller defect lawyer of the Testa Law Group will work to obtain the money damages that your child requires to get better and get back to activities and experience those things that make being a kid enjoyable. To see how we can apply our experience and diligence to your case and help you and your family move forward to recover from your injuries and losses, please call 877-780-9052 for a free consultation with a stroller defect lawyer.

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