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Get a Tough Child Car Seat Lawyer to Fight For You and Your Child

A top priority for a parent or caregiver is keeping a child protected and secure. Child car seats are intended to not only protect young children but allow reassurance in the event of a collision as well. We put our confidence and the lives of our children in the hands of the manufacturers and designers of these products. Nevertheless, a child car seat may disappoint when you need it most and jeopardize the safety and health of your child.

A child car seat lawyer of the Testa Law Group will recognize the dangers of a defective or faulty child car seat and are dedicated to assisting families recover money damages that they need for their child to recover from his or her injuries. For a free consultation with a child car seat lawyer regarding your circumstances, please call 877-780-9052.

Types of Child Car Seat Defects

Some examples of a defective child car seat include:

  • Defective harness that tears
  • Defective harness that does not restrain the child
  • Faulty seat buckle latch that comes undone
  • Faulty seat that cracks upon impact.

Preserving Justice

Manufacturers and designers of child seats are legislatively and morally obligated to produce and build safe products, particularly car seats, intended to protect and secure innocent children. A child car seat must be designed and manufactured in such a manner as to hold up in a car wreck and safely restrain the child. Nevertheless, companies that place profits over safety may design or produce a children’s product with a dangerous defect leading to failure and drastic consequences for innocent children and their families.

A product defect usually comes from one of the numerous forms, such as a design defect. A design defect occurs when a designer designs a product that is abnormally dangerous to the ordinary consumer and there exists a feasible alternative design that is safer. A manufacturing defect is also another form of negligence that frequently is the cause of injury to a child. A manufacturing defect occurs when a product departs the intended design or specification of other goods of the same kind or quality as those produced by the manufacturer. A labeling defect may also create injury when a product is missing instructions or warning labels or has inadequate instructions or warning labels.

Money Damages for Your Family

Product liability is the section of the law that permits consumers and users to hold negligent manufacturers accountable when a defective product causes injury, by allowing the injured victim and family to receive money damages for their losses. By taking action in filing a product liability suit, you, your child, and your family can receive the support essential to face the unanticipated economic expenses often associated with an accident, including pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical bills. A positive verdict or settlement in a product liability suit will give you and your family the benefit of knowing that you have likely prevented harm to thousands of other families by taking action.

Protect Your Rights With a Diligent Child Car Seat Lawyer

When a child is harmed following any situation, it can be mortifying for those who love and attend for the child. Nevertheless, when a product designed to keep a child safe fails, a family has every right to seek legal action and obtain money damages for the losses connected with the incident. Defending your child and giving them everything they need to be healthy is part of your obligation as a caregiver, and a child car seat lawyer of the Testa Law Group will work with diligence and dedication to help you and your family get the money damages that you deserve to care for your child properly. To put our dedication and determination to work, please call 877-780-9052 to speak with a child car seat lawyer and learn how we can help you, your family, and your child.

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