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It is a parent’s worst nightmare – an injured child. Broken bones are remarkably painful and pose severe health hazards for children, especially if a compound fracture. While it is true that a child can break bones while bicycling, at school, in a vehicle, playing sports, or while at a park, in many circumstances broken bones are a result of negligence regarding a hazardous condition or failure to properly supervise. If your child has experienced a broken bone, it is essential that you seek advice from a dedicated child broken bone lawyer.

Child Injuries and Liability in Broken Bone Cases

After the circumstances have been investigated, it sometimes appears evident that a broken bone is the result of a facility failing to provide adequate supervision. While it is true that children take risks, a child cannot be held responsible for injuries in which they were under the care and guidance of a professional that has a duty to adequately supervise the child.

When public school personnel has failed to provide sufficient supervision for children, it is possible to obtain financial money damages by filing a personal injury suit. As with all suits, there is a short window in which to file a lawsuit. It is important that your suit is filed within the time limits provided under your state’s laws. Call a child broken bone lawyer now at 877-780-9052 to protect your child.

Negligence in Child Broken Bone Cases

The manner of filing a personal injury lawsuit requires establishing that negligence was the underlying cause your child was harmed. Whether your child sustained a broken bone in a slip and fall, in an auto accident, or in any other situation or location, a full investigation into the facts should take place as early as possible.

At the Testa Law Group, a child broken bone lawyer will apply dedication, and knowledge of the legal processes associated with personal injury cases to obtain maximum compensation for you and your family. All of our cases are taken on a contingency basis, which means that you and your family pay nothing until we win your case.

Child Broken Bones: Types of Fractures and Bone Injuries

While children heal well, a broken bone takes time to heal. There are several types of fractures, some of the most prevalent types of simple fractures comprise of:

  • Transverse – Fracture occurring at a 90-degree angle
  • Impacted – Two bones collide with one another
  • Greenstick – Rather than breaking, the bone bends
  • Oblique – A fracture at an angle greater or less than 90 degrees
  • Comminuted – A critical fracture occurring when the bone shatters into multiple pieces
  • Complete – Bone is completely broken.
  • Torus – Fracture when the bone is twisted by pressure, the bone is not broken, but it is damaged
  • Compound – Severe bone injury that occurs when the bone is broken and pierces through the skin
  • Bend – Bone is not fractured, but it is bent
  • Growth-plate – The breaking of the bone affects the area of the bone that regulates growth.

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At the Testa Law Group, we spend much of our time working with families who have hurt children. A Testa Law Group child broken bone lawyer can evaluate your case at no cost, and will never charge any legal fees unless we recover financial money damages for you and your family. Call our Texas, Louisiana, and Florida child injury lawyers now at 877-780-9052 for a free consultation with an experienced child broken bone lawyer.

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