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Notwithstanding the implementation of traffic lights, stop signs, and traffic surveillance cameras to strengthen safe driving, intersections are the most common place where vehicle accidents occur.

Pedestrians and bicyclists are especially at risk when drivers break traffic laws or fail to pay attention. Some of the most dangerous intersections in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida are:


  • Bissonnet and West Sam Houston Parkway in Houston
  • NASA Parkway and Interstate 45 in Clear Lake
  • Coit Road and the President George Bush Turnpike service road in Plano
  • Legacy Drive and the Dallas North Tollway service road in Plano
  • Park Blvd and Preston Road in Plano
  • TX-121 and Preston Road in Frisco


  • Clearview Parkway and Veterans Memorial Boulevard in Metairie
  • Broad Street and Canal Street in New Orleans
  • LaPalco Boulevard and Barataria Boulevard in Marrero
  • Highland Road and Lee Drive in Baton Rouge
  • Clearview Parkway and West Esplanade Avenue in Metairie
  • Nicholson Drive and Burbank in Baton Rouge


  • State Road 40 and State Road 19 in Astor
  • North Semoran Boulevard and Old Cheney Highway in Orlando
  • Vista Del Lago Boulevard and Route 192 in Kissimmee
  • South Scenic Highway and County Road 700 in Frostproof
  • Hialeah Gardens Boulevard and North Okeechobee Road in Hialeah Gardens

Regrettably, Texas leads the nation in traffic fatalities, while Florida is the nation’s third most dangerous state. Although the above intersections are the most dangerous, it is important to remember that accidents can occur at even the most serene intersections.

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Can Damages Be Recovered after an Intersection Accident?

Ultimately, a Texas, Louisiana, and Florida personal injury suits or help you and your family recover financial compensation for our losses. In many cases, victims of intersection accidents have endured substantial emotional, physical, and financial damages. These losses range from the catastrophic injuries that result in expensive medical bills, future care, mental anguish, and lost wages from work. The amount of money a victim is eligible to receive from the at-fault party depends on a variety of factors, one important factor that stands out is the at-fault party’s insurance company and also the severity and extent of the damages endured.

If a loved one was killed in an intersection accident, then the surviving family should pursue a wrongful death lawsuit to obtain justice and proper monetary relief for loss of companionship, funeral and burial costs, and other non-economic damages associated with losing a loved one.

What Types of Accidents Occur in an Intersection Wreck?

With an abundance of vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians venturing to cross intersections, a singular second of carelessness, negligence, or wrongdoing can cause a life-threatening, life-altering collision. If you have been tangled up in a crash at a Texas, Louisiana, or Florida intersection, it is important that you find out who was accountable. In some cases, the at-fault party is identified if you are more informed of the type of accident that is the basis of the crash.

  • Side Impact Collisions – Also recognized as broadside or t-bone accident. Such a wreck occurs when a vehicle is hit on its side by another vehicle. The immediate impact can cause critical injuries as well as a significant loss to the vehicle. The vehicle that was struck sometimes spins out of control, collides with another vehicle, and in some cases causes a rollover.
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents – Drivers that are distracted or inattentive fail to watch for pedestrians or bicyclists at a crosswalk; thus, are more likely to engage in making a dangerous turn causing an accident.
    Rear-End Wrecks – If a driver fails to pay attention or is distracted it is not unusual for the driver to rear-end the car in front of them. This type of wreck is dangerous for the vehicle that was rear-ended as it can cause numerous types of injuries for the vehicle occupants.
  • Loss of Control – Poorly maintained or designed intersections can result in drivers losing control of their motor vehicles and, as a result, crash into other motorists. Moreover, if the city or state government fails to maintain, fix, or warn motorists, pedestrians, or joggers about dangerous road conditions, then they are accountable for the ensuing accidents.

Reasons Why Intersections Continue to Rise in Dangerousness

Intersections are dangerous for a variety of reasons, such as congestion and high volume. Regions of Texas, Louisiana, and Florida are densely populated; thus, are at an increased chance of creating more dangerous intersections.

How Can An Intersection Car Wreck Lawyer Increase Your Recovery?

Regrettably, even when the cause of a crash is glaringly apparent, the at-fault party and insurance company serving them will often try to decrease or deny the victims’ much-needed compensation. A skilled attorney can help you and your family build a strong case by collecting evidence, medical records, police reports, and consulting with accident reconstruction experts. The legal team at the Testa Law Group will command the most challenging obstacles of your intersection accident case and, as a result, allow you and your loved ones to focus on repair and rehabilitation from your accident.

Get an Aggressive Intersection Car Wreck Lawyer to Seek Justice

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