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We’ve all experienced the fast approaching sirens, the loud red, blue, and white lights flashing, and motorists etching around your vehicle to make way for the incoming police car, ambulance, or fire truck.

But have you ever wondered what happens if you didn’t hear or see one of those blazing, fast, speeding government vehicles whizzing through the intersection till it was too late?

At the Testa Law Group, our Texas, Louisiana, and Florida vehicle accident lawyers have examined all kinds of vehicles involved in dangerous and deadly wrecks due to government automobiles, and they are no exception to ordinary motor vehicle lawsuits. In fact, crashes involving government vehicles is common because there are so many on the road and some of them are allowed to run red lights and break speeding laws.

Common Causes of Government Vehicle Crashes

  • Fire trucks hurrying to a fire alarm sometimes slam into vehicles at intersections. Other times fire trucks cause congestion on freeways and roads as cars pull to the side and bottleneck the feeder lanes of highway causing heavy congestion and sudden braking.
  • Police cars involved in high-speed chases may exceed their legal authority and cause shocking damage to innocent bystanders and ordinary motorists on the road.
  • Military vehicles, when not properly handled, have such size and strength that they can destroy a regular sized car by simply going as slow as 15 miles per hour.
  • Garbage trucks, completing their route too fast can run red lights or miss parked vehicles due to negligence or inability to see during dawn hours of the early morning.

The car wreck injury lawyers at the Testa Law Group handles car wrecks throughout the Southern states. If you, a friend, or a family member need help with a recent wreck involving a city, state, or federal vehicle – give us a call today at 877-780-9052 to speak with a government vehicle accident lawyer.

I Can Sue The Government?

Yes, of course. Although some states, cities and the federal government has multiple types of immunities from suits, an individual can still sue many different forms of government entities. The many bureaucratic departments and laws within the United States are designed to make it difficult but not impossible for an injured person to pursue a suit for compensation related to their accident. Each level of government has different rules and policies regarding lawsuits filed against them. A majority of the restrictions that impede a person’s personal injury claim involve notice requirements to the entity. Thus, speaking to an attorney as quickly as possible following an accident involving a government-owned vehicle or government employee is imperative.

Call A Dedicated and Determined Government Vehicle Accident Lawyer

At the Testa Law Group, we understand the stresses and hardships our clients face after being involved in a vehicle accident. We are dedicated and determined in making sure you and your family receive the compensation for your injuries. Contact us today at 877-780-9052 and schedule a free consultation to speak with a government vehicle accident lawyer.

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