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Victims Hurt by a Drunk Driver Must Get an Aggressive Drunk Driver Injury Lawyer

Drunk drivers and motorists driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol are amongst the most dangerous people the roads.

A qualified Texas, Louisiana, and Florida personal injury lawyer can assure and warrant that you and your family obtain the compensation you and your family rightfully deserve after an intoxicated driver devastates you and your family as a result of their negligence and recklessness.

What Are Some Typical Mistakes Victims Hit by a Drunk Drive Make?

People hurt by a drunk driver typically make two mistakes:

  • One, they hire a lawyer who is not knowledgeable in handling drunk driving injury collision cases, and
  • Two, they assume that a drunk driving personal injury case is akin to a normal typical car collision case.

Personal injury cases that involve an at-fault driver under the influence of alcohol are not like the average motor vehicle accident cases not caused by intoxicating substances.

Why Should I Hire a Drunk Driver Injury Lawyer After Suffering An Injury Due to A Drunk Driver?

Hiring a dedicated and knowledgeable Texas, Louisiana, or Florida auto accident lawyer is essential. A dedicated and knowledgeable attorney will know how to properly value a suit. Moreover, a dedicated and knowledgeable attorney will know the state’s punitive damages statutes that entitle you and your family to more damages to act as a deterrent and to punish the at-fault driver for their wanton and reckless disregard for the safety of others. Punitive damages are available in Texas and Florida, and although in Louisiana, punitive damages are very rare, they are available for injured victims when the at-fault driver was under the influence.

Also, other people may be responsible for the drunk driver’s conduct. While bar owners and social hosts are frequently not held liable for injuries caused by a DUI driver (Lousiana law holds that the vendor, bar owner, and/or social host is not liable for serving alcoholic beverages to an inebriated individual – dissolving liability) that may not be the case if the bar owner or social host was over-serving the driver, and the driver was obviously intoxicated to the point the bar owner or social host knew that the guest or patron was driving his or her car after leaving the bar or premises. Also, social hosts or bar owners serving minor children may be responsible in compensating anyone hurt later by the minor drunk driver.

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