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Get A Tough Cell Phone Car Wreck Lawyer After Suffering From Injury

Traffic accidents concerning airport and commuter shuttles can be very harsh because the passenger vans used are very heavy and as a result, distribute weight with great force resulting in severe impacts.

There may be infinite distractions fighting for a driver’s concentration at any given moment on the road, yet that does not mean that drivers are any less liable in the event of driving while distracted. There are absolutely no excuses appropriate in the eyes of the law for multi-tasking while driving. In the split-second it takes to glance at a cell phone, a motorist can cause a catastrophic collision and even casualties.

If you have been hurt or lost a loved one in an auto accident that related to a distracted driver on a cell phone, then you should seek justice. Disciplined and determined Texas, Louisiana, and Florida personal injury lawyers at the Testa Law Group are devoted to protecting those who have experienced injury and loss due to others’ negligence. Call us for a free case evaluation with a dedicated cell phone car wreck lawyer call 877-780-9052 or submit an online contact form.

What Damages Are Available After A Cell Phone Accident?

Sometimes people think that taking legal action is unnecessary and inconvenient. But filing a personal injury or wrongful death suit against a negligent or reckless driver provides much needed financial support for the injured victim and the family members of the victim to aid in recovery. Money doesn’t erase a wrong and money can’t bring people back to the way they were before the accident, but it can help people and family in obtaining a significant payment that can help ease the costs of the following types of losses:

  • Loss of companionship
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitative care
  • Pain and suffering

Regrettably, accident survivors are regularly left with severe and life-changing damages, that forever alter their lives. But by taking legal action, one may bring a sense of justice and forgiveness in addition to financial relief.

Can You Prove the Driver was Using a Cell Phone While Driving?

To prove the at-fault party was accountable for the collision for using a cell-phone while driving there must be proof that the driver was negligent, careless, or reckless in using the device at the time of the wreck. Thus, it is in your and your family’s best interest to contact a diligent and determined legal team to investigate the events leading up to the cell phone-related accident.

The Testa Law Group will work diligently on your case by gathering evidence related to:

  • Police reports
  • Medical records
  • Cell phone records
  • Traffic surveillance footage
  • Accident reconstruction reports prepared by experts
  • Witness testimony

With a knowledgeable and dedicated cell phone car wreck lawyer on your side, it will be possible to gather up important evidence demonstrating that the other driver was breaking the law and caused the accident due being distracted by his or her cell phone.

Get A Tough Cell Phone Car Wreck Lawyer After Suffering From Injury

A knowledgeable and dedicated cell phone car wreck lawyer at the Testa Law Group can provide the support and legal help you need to overcome the obstacles following a cell phone related motor vehicle crash. If you or a loved one were hurt, then you should seek financial payment from the at-fault driver. Contact our distracted driving accident lawyers by calling 877-780-9052 to discuss your legal rights with a cell phone car wreck lawyer. We will work diligently on your behalf to protect your best interests while you focus on your recovery and family.

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