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Did you know that according to statistics an average driver will experience three to four car accidents during his or her lifetime? Moreover, nearly 30 percent of all auto crashes involve a severe injury or a deadly fatality. Because the chances of being involved in an auto accident are high, car accidents are responsible for a substantial portion of Texas, Florida and Louisiana's personal injury and wrongful death claims.

Although many car accidents share related characteristics, each auto accident has unique circumstances and aspects; thus, each car accident deserves to be examined thoroughly to assure financial remuneration by an auto accident lawyer.

When Should You Hire An Accident Attorney?

For insignificant accidents, it is possible that you may not need an auto accident lawyer. Nevertheless, consultations are free, so if you are in doubt do not hesitate to use our contact form and ask a member of the Testa Law Group.

For more critical auto accidents, you are likely to benefit from seeking the aid of a car accident lawyer that is experienced in auto accident recovery. This is true because adjusters and insurers may attempt to take advantage of individuals who are without representation. Moreover, while insurance companies advertise that they have your best interests at heart when it comes down to brass tacks they always choose maximization of profits over aiding the injured.

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Rebuilding Your Life After A Car Accident

If you seek a firm who has your best interests at heart, contact the Testa Law Group to ensure your compensation rather than the insurance company's profit is maximized. We will help you after your accident by walking you through the claims process, assessing your accident, examining medical evidence and property damage, evaluating your injuries, calculating your losses, and working to maximize your right to compensation.

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