Type Of Injury

Suffering a serious injury after an accident can interrupt your life - physically, emotionally and financially.

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Common Type Of Injury

The type and severity of car accident injuries depend on the situation. For example:

  • Was the person wearing a seatbelt?
  • Did the airbags deploy?
  • Was the car hit from the side, front or rear?
  • Was it a high-speed collision?

But while these factors vary from case to case, certain injuries are fairly common among car accident victims:

  1. Head injuries - Car accidents are one of the leading causes of traumatic brain injuries, which happen when there's a violent blow or jolt to the head or body. For example, if a car rear-ends you, the sudden jolt could slam your head into the steering wheel and damage the fluid and tissue inside your skull. The head can also be scraped or bruised or sustain other "exterior" injuries.
  2. Neck injuries - When a car slams into something, the force of that collision causes a jerking motion that generates a lot of pressure on the head and neck. This sensation, when your head suddenly jerks back and forth, is called whiplash. It is a type of soft tissue injury that strains the muscles and ligaments in the neck and upper back.
  3. Back injuries - In addition to whiplash, excessive force on the back can also cause spinal disc damage, lumbar sprains, spinal stenosis (like when a ruptured disc or bone fragment invades the spinal canal space and results in nerve pain) and other back injuries.
  4. Broken bones - Any bone in the body can break in a car accident. It depends on the type of collision and the factors involved in a particular situation. For example, the force of the airbag can break a person's ribs or arms.
  5. Scrapes, cuts and bruises - While this type of injury might not seem like a big deal, excessive bleeding from a scrape or cut can cause serious damage. Deep bruises can also cause tissue damage, limit range of motion and lead to other complications.

Remember that car accident injuries aren't always physical. Accidents can be emotionally and/or psychology traumatic and scar victims in other ways. Also, keep in mind that some injuries may not manifest themselves or be readily apparent immediately after an accident; there could be a delay in the onset of symptoms.