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The Testa Law Group has a deep and strong culture of public service that is a fundamental part of the history and work ethic of the Testa organization. The Testa Law Group takes the obligation of lawyers, serving to advance individuals access to justice with utmost seriousness.

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Sampling of Testa Law Group Pro Bono Matters

As a firm representing Southern Families, the Testa Law Group handles a broad spectrum of pro bono matters. Many matters involve vital legal issues with far-reaching effects, such as age, race, gender, and disability discrimination; freedom of speech; human rights; voting rights; and prisoners’ rights. The Testa Law Group recognizes that lawyers have a genuine obligation to serve our regional communities in a significant and results-oriented manner by providing pro bono legal services to community-based nonprofit organizations and select individuals in cases where legal help would otherwise be unavailable.

These matters routinely involve domestic violence, immigration, housing, political asylum, wage and hour claims, consumer protection, education, mental health, and public benefits.

Sampling of Pro Bono Matters

  • Civil Liberties and Civil Rights - The Testa Law Group offers assistance in issues regarding the scope of police officers’ qualified immunity in dealing with claims of excessive force.
  • Community Economic Development - The Testa Law Group offers assistance for a variety of community economic development projects.
  • Disability - The Testa Law Group extends assistance to clients and families amidst disabling mental and physical health conditions to secure critical public benefits and unrestricted access to the courts and due process.
  • Education - The Testa Law Group offers help in the seeking of and enforcement of implementing appropriate educational services for students with special educational needs.
  • The Elderly - The Testa Law Group assists elderly clients with issues dealing with consumer and housing matters.
  • Family Law - The Testa Law Group assists victims of domestic violence cases and also assists other individuals with family law issues by way of referral clinics for custody and child support matters.
  • Housing - The Testa Law Group represents tenants living in uninhabitable conditions and tenants facing eviction.
  • Not-for-Profit Corporations - The Testa Law Group has aided not-for-profit groups´┐Żsuch as animal rights, civil liberties, and community organization action groups.