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Get Legal Help After a Trip and Fall Occurrence By Hiring a Tough Trip and Fall Lawyer

By Nicholas Testa on 2019/06/04 23:04:50

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Perhaps at first, your accident didnít seem like a big deal. You may have thought of it as a slip on your way to run errands or a quick trip to pick up the kids. But later that day or night you began to experience the pain setting in becoming so unbearable it was impossible for you to walk on your own. Now you are bedridden, annoyed, hurt, and frustrated. You’ve lost income as you haven’t been able to return to work and you are running your hospital bills up as you go back and forth to doctor appointments.

Everyday, people are hurt and in some cases critically injured in slip and fall accidents. Although a few incidents do arise from clumsiness, a vast majority of them are because of a negligent property owner or building manager disregard public safety. Call the Testa Law Group and let an empathetic trip and fall lawyer help you investigate and examine your rights and potential legal options.

Some of the more familiar situations that our dedicated and determined trip and fall lawyers see include:

  • Broken sidewalks;
  • Slippery tile;
  • Slippery laminated floors in stores, malls, and retail chains;
  • Shoddy stairwells lacking handrails;
  • Stairwells falling apart due to age or wear and tear; and
  • Inclement weather creating slippery surface areas.

Depending on the facts surrounding your accident, you could be suitable to receive vital compensation, but, nevertheless, time is of the essence as the statute of limitations, works against you in presenting your claim. Failing to adhere the established deadlines in Texas, Florida, and Louisiana results in a loss of your rights and ability to collect compensation for your injuries.

Get the help you and your family need before it is too late by calling the Testa Law Group to schedule a free consultation with an experienced trip and fall lawyer. Our number is 877-780-9052.

What Kind of Compensation Can I Expect?

Though it is improbable to say what kind of financial award you may be eligible for without weighing the facts of your case, it is safe to say that you can anticipate compensation in one or more of the subsequent categories:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages,
  • Doctorís fees

Get an Aggressive Trip and Fall Lawyer on Your Side

For more knowledge and information and to help you explore your legal options and rights contact the Testa Law Group to schedule a free case evaluation with a dedicated trip and fall lawyer by calling 877-780-9052.

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