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Get an Aggressive Staircase Fall Lawyer to Fight For You

By Nicholas Testa on 2019/06/04 23:04:50

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Stairways are intrinsically dangerous and can cause grave injuries to even the most surefooted individual. According to the National Safety Council, more than one million Americans are hurt or killed every year in staircase mishaps. Stairway disasters ordinarily result in either moderate or severe injury. Less serious injuries may include abrasions, cut and contusions. While more severe injuries usually include sprained tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Devastating and serious injuries resulting from staircase injuries are ordinarily head trauma, broken teeth, broken or crushed bones.

If you or someone you love was injured in a staircase accident, you may be entitled to compensation. To find out more about your legal rights, it is imperative that you consult with a diligent and experienced staircase fall lawyer, so contact the Testa Law Group to schedule a free consultation with a dedicated staircase fall lawyer by calling 877-780-9052.

General Causes of Stairway Accidents

The following are examples of some of the more frequent causes of stairway accidents involving property owner negligence:

  • Slippery Surfaces: The property owner is responsible for keeping a stairway safe by replacing worn out carpeting or by replacing worn out boards. In the cases, where tiles are laid on the stairs, of the stairs are composed of highly polished wood, or slippery stone it is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure the stairs are not too slippery for use. In some cases, it is evident that a property owner chose appearance over safety, nonetheless, such choices do not absolve the property owner of liability.
  • Icy or Wet Stairs: Outside stairways should be devised, designed, and maintained so that redundant water, ice, or snow does not collect on the stairs or hand rails.
  • Debris on Stairs: A property owner is obligated to maintain stairs that are free of debris, clutter, and other obstructions that can result in someone tripping or falling.
  • Building Code Violations: Every municipality has building codes. Building codes help to specify the dimensions for the vertical (“riser”) and help to specify the dimensions for the horizontal (“run”) of steps. Failing to meet the required specifications is negligence. Additionally, building codes specify that steps must be consistent in dimensions of the risers and runs. Lastly, building codes specify the correct placement of hand railings because placing hand railings too low or too high is a violation of building codes and, can result in injury.
  • Poor Lighting and Maintenance: Stairways, in order to be safe, must be adequately lit and maintained. Crumbling or decaying steps pose severe injury hazards and must be replaced.

Get an Aggressive Staircase Fall Lawyer to Fight For You

Premises liability is a legal theory espousing that the owner or possessor of a property has a duty of care to keep that property reasonably safe. Failing to keep a property reasonably safe is negligence and, as a result, the owner or possessor of the property may be liable for any injuries occurring because of such negligence. If you or someone you know has been injured or has lost a loved one in a stairway accident, then you need to hire a dedicated staircase fall lawyer to get maximum compensation. Please call our offices for a free consultation with a staircase fall lawyer at 877-780-9052.

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