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Hire a Negligent Security Injury Lawyer to Get the Money You Deserve

By Nicholas Testa on 2019/06/04 23:04:50

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When you enter an office, store, business, hotel, or a restaurant, the owners have a responsibility to defend you from reasonable and foreseeable injuries and crimes. Since you were invited onto their property, they must take reasonable precautions to keep you and your family safe from harm. Regrettably, many businesses neglect to protect their patrons and visitors from foreseeable danger. When a property owner neglects to take proper security measures, their patrons can suffer from assaults, robberies, stolen property, or in some cases death. The issue then turns to who is liable for your injuries.

To assist you in this answer, you will need to consult with a qualified premises liability negligent security injury lawyer. Call our office to schedule a free consultation with a qualified negligent security injury lawyer at 877-780-9052.

Premises Liability?

�Premises liability� is legal jargon that proposes that the owner of a premise may be liable for certain crimes or torts occurring on their property. For example, if you are battered while going to a business establishment, the owner of that bar establishment may be liable for the patron�s damages, as a result, of the bar establishment neglecting to take sufficient security measures. The principal ways that an owner may be held liable for negligent security are:

  • Negligent Hiring
  • Inept security measures
  • Absence of video cameras
  • Neglecting to comply with security laws
  • Complete lack of security
  • Failing to guard against known or foreseeable harm

Seldom does an employer hire someone unfit to do their job. However, they may hire someone who has a negative track record, and in so doing, the business has failed to reasonably investigate that employee. In those cases, the injured victim can hold the employer responsible for their injuries.

Negligent Supervision

If a property owner grasps that their property could be dangerous, then the owner has a duty to manage their property and assure that no one gets harmed. For example, a public pool can be a very dangerous place, particularly for young children. Thus, if that pool fails to hire lifeguards to supervise the pool, the pool owner may be held liable if a person drowns.

Get a Tough Negligent Security Injury Lawyer to Fight For You to Get Justice

There are specific places where extensive security is demanded. For example, stadiums, bars, clubs, large events, and places where crime is particularly high according to the locality to defend patrons from reasonably foreseeable criminal threats. Thus, if you or a loved one has sustained an injury associated with negligent security, it is essential that you contact an experienced negligent security lawyer. Call the Testa Law Group for a free consultation with a negligent security lawyer. Our number is 877-780-9052.

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