Client Responsibilities

The Testa Law Group

The Testa Law Group � Statement of Client's Responsibilities

Within the attorney-client relationship, the client seeks the attorney for his education, expertise, sound judgment, advocacy, protection, and zealous representation. For a sound attorney-client relationship to exist, there must be reciprocal trust, respect, and utmost courtesy. These expectations are fulfilled if, and only if, the client fulfills the following responsibilities:

  1. The client is required to treat the attorney and the attorney's staff with respect and consideration.
  2. The client's connection with the attorney must be one of complete honesty, and the attorney must be informed of all facts or circumstances of the matter being handled by the attorney even if the client assumes that those facts may be damaging to the client's cause of action or unflattering to the client.
  3. The client shall honor the fee arrangement as agreed to with the attorney in accordance with the laws enacted by the legislator in which client is domiciled.
  4. Any bills for services furnished to the client under the agreed upon fee arrangement should be paid promptly.
  5. The client can withdraw from the attorney-client relationship, subject to financial responsibilities under the agreed to fee arrangement, and, in certain circumstances, subject to court approval.
  6. While the client should assume that his or her communication, telephone calls, and other communications will be acknowledged and returned within a reasonable time frame, the client must recognize that the attorney has other clients justly demanding of the attorney's time and attention.
  7. The client shall maintain contact with the attorney, and immediately notify the attorney of any difference in telephone number, change of address, and respond as promptly as possible to a request by the attorney for information and cooperation.
  8. The client shall understand that the attorney need respect only legitimate objectives and purposes of the client and that the attorney will not propose or advocate positions that are contrary to law, unprofessional, or in contradiction of the Attorney's Code of Professional responsibility.
  9. The attorney may be incapable of accepting a case if the attorney has previous professional commitments that will result in inadequate time in being available for the proper representation of a new client.
  10. The attorney has no commitment to accept a client if the attorney determines that the cause of action of the client is without merit, a suitable working relationship is not likely, or there exists or could exist a conflict of interest.