Types of Burn Injuries

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Not only is such an injury unpleasant and worrying, but rehabilitation demands courage and determination. The physical pain an accident survivor deals with is often dealt with in conjunction with difficult emotional and financial challenges. When another’s negligence creates a burn injury, legal action helps an individual secure money to pay for costly medical treatment and other damages incurred Though the process of holding liable parties can be complex, it is possible with the help of a Texas, Louisiana, or Florida severe burn injury lawyer.

Looking Past the Hardships to a Brighter Future

Regardless if a burn injury is a first-degree burn, second-degree burn, third-degree burn, or fourth-degree burn, a person burnt can require months, or even an entire lifetime to recover. The medical treatment required after a burn trauma injury to inhibit scarring and disfigurement is painful and a long and steady road. Normally, injuries relating to burns require complicated and timely operations where skin grafting surgeries are needed. The reconstructed functions of the burned areas of skin generally require exhaustive physical therapy sessions, pain management sessions, respiratory management, and pain control approaches.

Even for individuals with the strongest heart and determination, a burn injury can often lead to psychological difficulties, such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, survivor’s guilt, adjustment disorders, and in some cases a loss of personal identity when the injured victim suffers a drastic change in appearance. The first shock often occurs after an accident may eventually evolve into panic and anxiety requiring medical treatment. A survivor’s emotional well-being requires crucial healing that is just as crucial as his or her physical recovery.

First-Degree Burns
First-degree burns are the most prevalent type of burns and affect the outermost layer of skin. While these burns are unpleasant, victims normally heal within seven to 10 days, and there are usually almost no signs of lasting damage. When a person gets a first-degree burn, the cells on the outer layer of the skin are injured, but these cells later shed and then new cells form. The most common side effects of a first-degree burn include swelling, peeling, pain, and redness.

Second-Degree Burns
When a person receives a second-degree burn, they are receptive to severe soreness and prone to infections. These burns are far more dangerous than first-degree burns, and if the burn affects a large area of the body, the victim requires medical treatment. A second-degree burn normally results in severe blistering and the formation of scabs. The level of severity of a second-degree burn is typically measured by the number and extent of blisters. Although painful, most second-degree burns heal on their own within three to four weeks.

Third-Degree Burns
Third-degree burns are serious and are capable of spreading through multiple layers of skin. These burns are exceptionally painful, if extensive nerve damage occurs, the victim sometimes does not feel any pain in some parts of the body. When a person sustains a third-degree burn, the skin will sometimes turn a white or dark brown color, and take on a rough leather-like texture. Third-degree burns normally require a variety of specialized medical treatments and a number or surgeries. Because of the severity third-degree burn victims normally develop permanent scars.

Permanent Scarring and Disfigurement

In numerous cases, second and third-degree burns create permanent disfigurement. Disfigurement is often caused by the burn itself. In some cases, disfigurement is caused by surgeries that the victims must undergo. Disfigurement changes a person’s life completely to the point where the victim of a burn injury must adjust to the world around them.

No one should have to sustain a burn injury caused by the negligence of another, here at Testa Law Group, we will do our best to make sure that burn victims get the justice and compensation you deserve. To discuss your case with a Texas, Louisiana, or Florida burn injury lawyer to find out what your legal options are, please call (877) 780-9052 for a free consultation.

The Agony of Treating and Overcoming Burn Injuries

In some cases, burns can cause death for the victim. However, survivors often face unpleasant and painful surgeries, physical therapy, pain management, and rehabilitation. Some surgeries, known as grafts, is a type of procedure that takes healthy skin from one part of the body and transfers it to the affected burn area. Normally, many patients undergo more than just one skin graft. The methods are particularly painful. If a victim’s internal organ or bones are burned, as happens regularly in arc flashes, then he or she may be forced to rely on someone else for their day-to-day needs for a very long time. After a severe burn, victims are regularly hospitalized for an extensive period. This extended hospitalization can be especially costly, even if the victim has health insurance.

Wrongful Death

If your loved one suffered a fatal burn due to the negligence of a company, business, person, or organization, then you have grounds for a wrongful death claim. Additionally, you may be entitled to damages for emotional suffering for enduring such a nightmarish disaster. If you think that your spouse, child, parent, or sibling’s death was the result of another person’s negligence, then you should contact the Testa Law Group. To discuss your case with a Texas, Louisiana, or Florida burn injury lawyer to find out what your legal options are, please call (877) 780-9052 for a free consultation.

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Do Not Forgo Medical Care After a Burn Injury in Texas, Louisiana, or Florida

Due to the short-lived or in some cases permanent incapacity caused by burn injuries, medical treatment is ordinarily extensive, costly, and lengthy. The medical care and treatment that enables rehabilitation possible should not be surrendered due to finances. We understand how in some cases, it’s unavoidable and you or your family is strapped for cash. Nonetheless, this is one major reason why filing an injury claim or pursuing a lawsuit makes such a big difference for a burn victim and the family of a burn victim.

When carelessness, recklessness, or oversight cause a person to suffer a burn injury, legal action must be taken in order for that individual and his or her family to obtain maximum compensation for damages suffered. To help a person deal with trauma, legal action can result in compensable monetary rewards that help pay for lost wages, needed surgeries, hospital stays, costly medications, physical therapy, and other economic damages. A person may also receive compensation for their pain and suffering and loss of consortium.

Helping You Seek Justice in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida

You and your family require a dedicated burn injury lawyer to prove liability in a burn injury case as they can become complicated, no matter how obvious the case may be. Whether you or your loved one were injured by a defective product or in a car accident, work injury, explosion, motorcycle collision, construction job site, or another incident, you could have a valid case that requires forceful attack and maneuvering to cajole money from the wrongdoer. At the Testa Law Group, we are dedicated and devoted to carrying out an in-depth investigation to secure evidence to effectively strengthen your case. By consulting with our medical experts and our close accident reconstructionists network, we are dedicated to working diligently to build a strong case for you and your family. For a free consultation with a burn injury lawyer, call us today at (877) 780-9052.