Enjoy the benefits of monitoring the progress of your case from the privacy of your own home. Simply log-in to the secure client portal and easily and instantly chat with your attorney or assigned staff members.

Have a question or concern? No problem, by becoming a client of the Testa Law Group clients enjoy 24/7 access to attorneys and staff. Ask a question regarding your case in complete confidence. The secure client portal is encrypted and secure with layers of security features.

Need to get in touch with your attorney or case manager? That’s a breeze when you’re a client of the Testa Law Group. Get case updates directly from your attorney or monitor the progression of your case via the secure portal area. The secure client portal is encrypted and layers of security and encryption innovations.

Tired of law firms telling you to sign on the line and mail, fax, or scan their documents back to them? Clients of the Testa Law Group enjoy simplified processes as all documents are easily signed with the movement of a finger or the swirl of a mouse. Unlike other law firms, clients of the Testa Law Group interact with secure and encrypted documents and receive encrypted copies of their signed documents.

You’re hurt and medical bills are mounting, you don’t have the time or the strength to deal with more paperwork. Clients of the Testa Law Group appreciate the stream of convenience by interacting with a digital platform that takes the messy paperwork out of the equation to help clients answer questions and get the help they need to recover in the shortest time possible.

Tired of downloading applications to get work done? Then don’t! Clients of the Testa Law Group don’t need to worry about technology or applications as everything within the secure client portal requires no downloads or applications of any kind. Clients simply need a desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet to register and complete the client registration process.

Want to schedule a meeting with your attorney or case manager? That’s easily accomplished for clients of the Testa Law Group as they can input schedule dates and times to talk one-on-one with their attorney or case manager or schedule a virtual meeting from the privacy of their own home.

Dealing with bodily injuries or property damage is already hard enough, so why should law firms make it a chore for clients to mail, fax, or email a law firm employee pictures? Clients of the Testa Law Group enjoy a secure portal system that allows them to easily upload files in one place and see who views and downloads the files. Clients of the Testa Law Group can keep their attorney and case manager up to date on their recovery with the secure and encrypted uploading system.

Receive documents from an insurance company, business dispute, or need to provide your attorney with your own insurance information? No problem. Clients of the Testa Law Group are able to upload private documents in the secure client portal to let the attorneys and staff work on their case so that they can begin the road to recovery.

Being involved in a personal injury case means that the injured client must disclose personal identifying information to the attorney and the attorney staff. Unlike other law firms, the Testa Law Group handles documents under current HIPAA-compliant guidelines and the Testa Law Group staff have HIPAA compliant certifications. Additionally, the Testa Law Group safeguards client information by implementing multiple layers of security, data encryption protocols, and executing a secure hosting environment that is BAA compliant.