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Overcoming Adversity Scholarship


The Testa Law Group (“TLG) Overcoming Adversity Undergraduate Scholarship for the 2018 school year. This scholarship is designed to assist out-going high school seniors and undergraduate students currently enrolled in a college, trade school, or university as of the start of the Fall 2018 semester. The Overcoming Adversity Undergraduate Scholarship contains no specifications centering on the student’s field of interest/study, no minimum ACT or SAT, no required race or heritage, you do not have to be a U.S. citizen, no geographic location restrictions, and this scholarship does not limit a student to a specified college or university to apply for this scholarship.

The Overcoming Adversity Undergraduate Scholarship Criteria:

The Overcoming Adversity Undergraduate Scholarship will be awarded based on an applicant’s ability in overcoming a personal injury obstacle that they faced. The essay should be between 500 to 1000 words, typed, double-spaced, and express how the applicant has overcome a personal injury struggle (broken bone, car accident, head trauma, etc.) or has adapted to the personal injury while pursuing a path to higher education. The essay can discuss the personal injury experiences and how they have helped the applicant become a stronger person or realize that they can overcome obstacles through determination.

What do I need to write about in my essay?
We want to inspire students to observe and recant their personal injury experience and how it impacted their lives or the lives of those around them, such as family and friends. These could include obvious examples such as having to take time off from work, having to take time off from school, having to have a friend or family members assistance. Next, we want students to document how they overcame the personal injury experience and got back on track to success or realized that they could overcome the obstacle and fought for something they desired such as a job promotion, enrolling in school, achieving a higher grade point average, etc.

Overcoming Adversity Undergraduate Scholarship Application Deadlines:
Deadline for submission: Applications must be received by no later than Wednesday, August 1, 2018.
Winner selected and notified: A winner will be designated by no later than Monday, August 13, 2018.

Overcoming Adversity Undergraduate Scholarship Application Amount:

This scholarship is a one-time award of $2,000

Application Process:
To apply for the Overcoming Adversity Undergraduate Scholarship, please fill out the secure and encrypted form contained at the bottom of this webpage. No other application materials are necessary nor will they be reviewed. Please do not include any material such as bank statements, bank balances, tax returns, social security information, or any other type of sensitive personal information when applying for this scholarship.

Please do not call about this scholarship: If you have a question regarding this scholarship opportunity, please email us at You may also postal mail the Houston office location.

About the Testa Law Group:
The Testa Law Group is a personal injury law firm with its principal office located in Houston, Texas. We hope that the Overcoming Adversity Undergraduate Scholarship will assist a student to achieve success in working towards a higher education that has overcome a personal injury obstacle.

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