About Jones Act

About the Jones Act

The Jones Act pertains to Section 27 of The Merchant Marine Act of 1920. The United States government declared the Act to ensure specific rights for U.S. seamen and to protect U.S. merchant businesses. It specifies that any cargo that is to be transported from U.S. owned ports must be carried on a United States owned ships, staffed by American workers. The purpose of this is to preserve the maritime economy from foreign companies.

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Significance of the Jones Act

The Jones Act of 1920 had a powerful impact on the freedoms of American sailors and sea workers. It afforded protection that beforehand did not exist in the subsequent ways:

  • Granted a job security to sailors whose jobs could have been endangered by foreign competition
  • Declared that a seaman injured on the job has the power to pursue legal action for damages against their employer
  • Lengthened legislation to sea workers that had previously existed for railroad workers
  • Provided for legal action against superiors and company masters on the grounds of utilizing a vessel deemed to be unseaworthy or negligence
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